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LN030905 - February 24

HEY!! I haven't talked to you in so long!! I always wonder how your pregnancy is going. I decided to stalk your piczo tonight and saw you are expecting a baby girl!! YAYAYAY!! Congrats!! I am so happy you are doing well and things are going so great! BTW, I love the hot new car!! :)


krissy2006 - February 25

Hey you! It has been so very long, Lerin! How are you doing??? Where r u in your 'efforts'? :) I haven't been on in forever and am just now getting back into the swing of things. I am 23 weeks 1 day, with my little Samantha Marie... Thanks for stalking my piczo! lol... Please do tell me how you are doing! I miss talking to all the original SOP girls!! Hope life finds you happy and healthy! TTYS girl!


LN030905 - February 25

Hey! I am good! I was dx with PCOS in October..and put on metformin.Low and behold after having 6 month cycles, I had a 53 day one that ended early Feb, then on a whime I used an opk on cd 10and found after months of not O'ing I was getting ready too! I am currently 8dpo and definetly feel hopeful about this cycle, even though I had a horendous cold the past 5 days.Im praying this is my month, but if it isnt then I will move on. I am so thankful my cycles are becoming more regular *knock on wood*. Anyways! So, Im good! I cannot believe how far along you doesnt seem like it should be that long ago we were all over there! I have just started to pop back on. We need to keep in touch!! Do you have a myspace??


krissy2006 - February 28

Lerin what happened? I was reading around and found the thread where u got a bfp?!?!?!? what happened girl? I don't know if u check in often but hopefully you'll see this!


LN030905 - February 29

Hey..yes, I got my bfp on a dollar tree and then on a digital Tues and Wed, but started bleeding yesterday morning. I tried and tried not to get my hopes up bc it was still early and here I am...upset. My Doc sent me in to have bloodwork done first thing. Dr said he was so optimistic for us now though and felt like we would be successful soon. Im not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better..when he was explaining it to me, I was choking up trying not to ball right there on the phonew ith him. Im terrified of getting pregnant again..I know so many women have to go through worse to get their babies but it still rips your heart out! Well, you know. Anyways, It will happen when its supposed to. Thanks for asking about me.



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