Lack Of Sex Drive

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ekay - March 24

Okay, I am probably the only one with this problem, but I am 14 weeks and I have NO s_x drive. I don't think about s_x, I don't wanna have s_x, and I literally have to force myself to do it. I feel so bad for my poor husband, but I am tired, and want nothing to do with him intimatly. I pretty much lay there thinking "hurry up and get this over" I know this sounds really horrible, but if anyone has any thoughts, advice, or sympathy, let me know. Thanks a bunch.


heather - March 24

Im going through that too.. i just got my s_x drive "back" ie now at least instead of the concept of s_x making me want to pull out my hair and kill someone.. now i just dont want to.. my boyfriend couldnt figure out why i would be soooo mad after s_x.. and it was cuz i would get such bad moodswings after s_x because i hated it so much. pre pregnancy i was a horn dog i would have been happy not to leave the bedroom all day... hell all week even..


M - March 25

ekay, I have the same thing. I'm 13 weeks. It's getting a little better but still I can think of a many other things I'd rather do then s_x. I feel badly for my husband too. My only thought is that I know after you have the baby you really don't feel like doing it, maybe it'd good preperation.


Beth - March 25

You are not alone, I am 17 weeks and have not had a s_x drive the whole pregnancy :0(. My fiance is feeling "second" best right now as he puts it.


N - March 25

You are not alone i am 25 weeks and my husband use to call me a nympho but for the past few months i just don't think about it or desire it. I sometimes think the same thing just hurry up and get it over with. I never thought i would feel this way i hope things return to normal after the baby is born


Phoebe - March 25

*sniff* I need your husbands / bfs... Just kidding... My fiance doesn't want to have s_x at all... I think he just worried and doesn't want anything to happen, because I had a mc and a sb before... The first 3 months my s_x drive was gone anyway, but now it's back and still nothing... sigh... oh well... no pleasing I guess... Maybe I should just be thankful... When I was last time it was weird anyway, I would feel the baby moving when we had s_x and that just creaped me out.


Maleficent - March 25

no drive here either. i'm 16 weeks and s_x is the last thing on my mind. thank god my husband is understanding. we have both kinda lost interest in s_x at the same time.


lyn - March 25

i have no s_x drive, but i will give in once a week. BUT everything has moved enough that having s_x feels weird now, i can feel my uterus hitting the my skin now. it is just so strange that i spend the whole time paying attention to that then having my orgasum.


ekay - March 26

Thanks guys. It is nice to know I am not the only one. This is the first pregnancy where this has happened to me. I think I have the same problem as lyn, I am too focused on the baby or my husbands breath smelling like pickles to enjoy it.


robert - April 22

i am glad i found this. i am a male who's wife has lost all interest in s_x. at first, i thought she had just lost interest in me. but after reading all of the women's responses on here, i feel a lot better. i guess it is very common for a woman to lose her s_x drive during her pregnancy. at least i know its not me. she was always ready to have s_x before the pregnancy. i hope that comes back.


Tarah - April 22

I have to get my husband to read your responses because all he says to me is ,"You're supposed to be more h__y when you're pregnant!" Boy am I tired of hearing that! I have no interest in s_x because I'm always tired and just not in the mood. And most of the time, it just hurts! Hopefully he'll finally be able to see that I'm not a weirdo and that there are other women who are pregnant who don't want s_x either!! =)


Julie - April 22

Horny? No such think in this house. I have just gotten over my morning sickness and am 15 1/2 weeks!!! I also have a terrible two year old that wears me out! My hubby works till about 7 everynight and the only thing that is on my mind when I get in bed is sleep!!!!! My hubby feels deprived but he'll have to get over it! What am I supposed to do?


Erin - April 28

My hubby will have to read this too! I'm 23 weeks, and have NO desire to have s_x. He's frustrated, and thinks it's him. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.


lisa - April 28

same thing w/ me. I don't even want to think about it. i'd rather nap than have s_x.


lyn - April 29

now everything has moved back so s_x is kind of weird. it's a whole new territory in there!!!



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