Lactating Already

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Mrs.Neves - November 13

My question is, is if its normal to start leaking at 25 weeks? Is this something I should be worried about? I wake up with wet spots on my tee shirt..


jazminesmom - November 13

well i am only 20 weeks and i have full b___st and i can get stuff out when i squeeze, and today i had a small wet spot on one side. i look at it my baby wont starve, my hubby teased me saying my b___bs are ready to feed a baby but the baby isn't ready. i know this doesn't answer your question but this is my experiance


Mrs.Neves - November 13

This is my first pregnancy, so I have no clue. Other then what my mom and family say from their experiences. Just wanting other opinions about this, Im not so much worried just wanting to know if its a normal thing


jennifer_33106 - November 13

What you are experiencing is colostrum or pre milk. It can be an early pgy sign for some women but most wont see it til after the 13th week. Some women never get it til after the baby is born. It is normal so dont worry. :)


Gemini_Girl - November 16

hey! i started getting that around 20 weeks or so im 28wks now and the wet spots have turned into big wet patches lol ive noticed it just happens when Im not wearing a bra so maybe I should try wearing a bra to bed, it is annoying!


sarasmily - November 30

this is my first pregnancy and I was a little worried as well. I am at 30 weeks now and I have had the same "symptoms" as Gemini-Girl for the past 4 weeks. It's just nice to hear that this is normal and that I'm not the only one. I have found that


aurora23 - November 30

I have been experiencing the same problem lately also. I am 21 weeks and this is my first pregnancy so I wasn't sure if it was normal either. I have gone out and boughten a package of nursing pads and I wear a sports bra to bed cuz it seems like it happens mostly at night for me. Hope that helped at all.


fefer1 - November 30

totally normal ladies. I was at a jeep jamboree with tons of jeepers and to my horror I noticed a big old wet spot on my tshirt - at 30 weeks. :) The dr said it's very normal. Some start earlier than others but it's a good sign that you'll have no issues with your milk coming in after the baby comes.



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