Ladies Approaching 20 Weeks Please Read My Story

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Patreasa - January 31

Hello ladies. i usually frequent this board, but ihave a different reason. I lost my baby 3 days after christmas, and i was 22 weeks pregnant. i am here because i would like to extend a caution to you all. If you are approaching your 20+ week, please make sure you are free of any infections, such as Bacterial vaginosis, Vaginitis, Trichomoniasis, etc. These infections cause preterm labor and to save yourselves some trouble and heartache, please get your cervix swabbed. I lost my daughter due to a uterine infection. It started as light cramping, and then turned into full blown contractions. I was in labor for about 8 hours, and then my water broke and I had my little girl. She died an hour later. I'mnot trying to scare anyone, but this is reality, and you ladies need to be made aware in case your doctor overlooks this. I'm just looking out because this is a painful process to be going through-----grieving the loss of a child. Please make sure you are taken care of ladies. God bless you all and I hope you all have healthy and full term babies.


^lucy^ - January 31

im sorry to hear that u lost your baby girl patrisea after that long time of pregnancy.. i hope you're feeling better now.. im 24 weeks tomorrow and i'll make sure in my next week's appointment to talk about this with my OB just to make sure everything's normal and im not putting my baby girl at risk of preterm labor as u said.. thanks for your advice and i really wish God will give u and your family strength and you will be blessed soon with another baby who will be full term and all healthy.. good luck to u and all of us


Karoline - January 31

Patreasa - I am so sorry for your loss. Thank You for being so kind and sharing your story. I recently had my cervix swabbed due to cramping. My docs are cautious b/c I lost my 1st in the early 2nd trimester. I hope that you will never experience pain like that again.


Cabbie - January 31

I was just treated for this. I had NO symptoms except increased discharge that was "normal" (clear, thin). I asked them to run this test because the amount of discharge was different from what I had previously had but dr said that is normal for the 18-20 week period to pick up more. Finally she ran a swab test on me. She looked at it under microscope and ph saying it looked okay under scope but ph was a little off. She sent it to a lab and it was confirmed at vaginosis. Normal symptoms of vaginosis are fishy smell, discolored discharged, v____al burning or pain....I had NOTHING. They said I was fine not to come back in until my for week check up at 24 weeks but I am considering going in and getting rechecked. They put me on a v____al antibiotic cream for five days similar to the treatment of a yeast infection. There is also an oral form but my dr said that there are too many side effects for me to take that. I too have previous miscarriages (three early in the last year in half) but also have two lil ones who I was tested for vaginosis at the end of my pregnancy. They test before delivery for the strep form because it can be lethal to newborns if caught during delivery. I always tested negative. Most women are tested at 36 weeks for this but I would recommend it earlier if you have even a faint change in your v____al symptoms.


Patreasa_Mullen - February 1

Thank you ladies for your responses. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through the pain of losing a child. I"m so glad you all looked at this. I hope everyone continues to have healthy and safe pregnancies, and good luck to you and your families.


mama3 - February 1

Patreasa- I know your hearing this alot, but I am so very sry for your lose. I lost a child 2 yrs ago August. I do understand your pain and feel so sad that you have to feel this. Try to remember if you believe in god. He has a reason for everything. Thats the only way I was able to deal with it myself. I was then blessed with another child 2 months later. She wasnt full term but is ok and just turned 19 months. Dont lose faith god just had other plans for her. Keep stronge and I know she will come back to you. This time you know that drs may think they know it all, but honestly they dont. GL I hope you and your family will find away to heal. I know you'll never forget, cause I know I never will. I learned from it and was able to rejoice later. As I hope you will beable too someday. So sry this happened to you. Bless you and hope things will get better for you.


DWilson924 - February 1

Patreasa So sorry to hear of your loss. I just can't imagine what you are going through, and wish you the best with everything. I was wondering if you, or any could provide more information about what Bacterial vaginosis, Vaginitis, Trichomoniasis is and what it's caused from. I am asking because I just like to be well informed of things like this as it is my first pregnancy and I don't know what is and isn't normal.


Cabbie - February 1

These type of infections are very common in all women and often go unnoticed and untreated in the average women. However, in pregnancy, the risk is higher because it can cross into the uterus and the placenta causing problems. These infections are caused by the run of the mill bacteria. Sometimes wiping the wrong way can cause it. Sometimes if something is inserted into the v____a with a bacteria on it can cause it. I just called this morning to go back in for a recheck next week because I was not comfortable waiting another three weeks before knowing whether it was cleared up. This is should not be on a panic list for pregnancy, however, the more I learn about it I wonder why drs don't test all women in the second trimester for it.


DWilson924 - February 1

Cabbie - Thank you for your response. I am due to go in next week and plan on talking to my doctor about it only because I have found that I occa__sionally have discharge and so I have been wearing a panty liner just incase. And I just want to make sure that that is safe and not a breeding ground for things. As for treatment, is it just a regular OTC cream that they give you or something special because of being pregnant?


Cabbie - February 1

It is an prescription antibiotic cream. You pretty much have to wear a panyliner or pad with it. It is taken at bed time but you will leak all day.


Drew - February 1

Actually Cabbie, you are swabbed for it when you get your pap done and all that fun stuff in the begining of pregnancy. It's just that a woman can also develop it later in pregnancy, and it can go unnoticed. I have been dealing with it pretty much right from the start, and it has caused pre-term labor for me too. I asked my ob/gyn about the vag antibiotic (I remembered your story from another post) because I have had 2 rounds oral antibiotic, one round iv, and it clears it up for a short time, but it does come back. He told me that the vag kind are much less ineffective as compared to the oral...which in my case means that the vag cream probably wouldn't even touch it. BUT....the oral antibiotics cause absolutely no harm to your baby whatsoever, it just may cause a little nausea in the mother. In the long run, it's best to take the strongest possible antibiotic that won't hurt your baby, just to make sure it does get cleard up, otherwise you could end up in pre-term labor. Patreasa, I'm so sorry for your loss, and that you had to find out about it the hard way. I think it's wonderful that you are spreading this message. Good luck to you! :)


Cabbie - February 1

Hey, Drew, you know that is the complete opposite of what my dr told me. The two (my family dr and obgyn) both agreed that the v____al cream was the only way to go. Its funny how drs all have different opinions. As far as the pap goes, I have never had a pap in my pregnancies (six-three miscarriags). None of the drs I have seen believe in doing them in pregnancy if your year isn't up. Its a shame that the testing isn't more widespread.


Cabbie - February 1

BTW, I did go ahead and make myself another appt today for next week to have a recheck. I just didn't feel comfortable waiting for my next month check up. I hope that isn't too long to wait. I asked the drs office and they said it was fine. Said the antibiotic though only five days in length works for a while longer so they wanted to make sure it has finished working before they test me. Still I'm very anxious and constantly on the lookout for preterm labor. What a way to live!


Drew - February 1

For sure, it really sucks to keep having to get tested!! It had been well over a year since I had a pap done, so it's kinda a good thing it got done. My ob also told me when he gave me the diagnosis that they give you the first round of antibiotics and then they a__sume it's gone and don't re-test, just because it usually works first round for most women. Appearently I'm not most women!! It is funny how different doctors can be. Really good idea not to wait though till your next appointment though if your not comfortable. Just remember if you get the all clear it can come back so just kinda stay on the look out for any symptoms....I know from experience! lol Hope you get great results from your test!!


Cabbie - February 1

What were your signs of preterm labor? Was it obvious something was wrong?


Cabbie - February 1

Also they told me I also had yeast present in my cultures so they will eventually treat me for that. I have no symptoms of a yeast infection either. They just wanted to treat this bacteria first. Very strange.


Drew - February 2

My signs of ptl were just cramping at first, then full out contractions. I also had some pink discharge, and when they tested my urine I also had a uti. So I was admitted on lots of iv fluids, and 2 different iv antibiotics every 6 hours. They told me at ldr that it's quite common for pregnant women not to have symptoms of infections....or to have them and just mistake them for regualr pregnancy symptoms. Who'da thought being pregnant would be sooo confusing!! lol



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