Ladies On Or Around 18 Wks

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amy - November 7

Im wondering how often u ladies are feeling your baby move? im 18 wks pregnant and i usually only feel it wgen im real still on left side?????


Jo - November 7

I'm a little over 16 weeks and haven't felt anything that I can tell yet. Waiting in anticipation though.....


L - November 7

17-1/2 weeks and haven't felt a thing.


Mary - November 7

I am 19 weeks on wednesday and I have been feeling my baby since about 16 weeks. I feel the baby everyday, some days more than others. If you lay down flat on your back you should feel them more. This is my first pregnancy. I'm in touch with my body. After I eat she's really active. You should start feeling it soon. Good luck!


Jessica - November 7

I am 20 weeks and feel him move all the time. It started at about 17 weeks and they felt movements but now they are distinct kicks!!!


Tess - November 7

I can't wait til I get the chance to feel my baby move too. I'll be 13 wks this Friday and very excited. Have you ladies found out your baby's gender yet?


Kerry - November 8

I'm 19 weeks and I'm beginning to feel the baby much more regularly now. I had little feelings from 15 weeks onwards, but nothing substantial until the last couple of days. I hope this helps ! x


jumac - November 8

i started to feel the baby from 15 weeks i thoought was early but i knew it was he/she today i can feel it plenty, but sometimes i dont feel it that much, i love it but i cant wait till hubby can feel it too


ry - November 8

hi amy, i am 18 wks 3 days. i really have not felt much movement at all. once in a while i feel a little flutter and it is usually on my right side a little lower than my belly b___ton. i am hoping for more consistancy soon!


val - November 8

I'm in my 18th week...I started feeling the baby wiggle/squirm about 2 or so weeks ago, some days it moves a lot, some days hardly at all. Usually I can feel it best when I am just sitting here at work or standing. A few days ago I felt my first stronger movement, it felt like it was running a foot or something along my stomach...I put my hand there and it poked my hand, I could feel it on my hand. Today I felt a few good hard jabs or kicks, but nothing else besides the usual squirming, and when I put my hand on my stomach it wouldn't kick anymore.


me - November 8

I'm 17 weeks today, been feeling baby flutter for about five weeks now. At this stage, baby's bones are not hard enough to decipher movement well... I've found you have to be really still, & it tends to occur more late, late at night when most ppl are asleep or too noisy (weekend, party-mode) to notice. I've also felt baby more when I'm stretched out... guessing it's because that brings everything closer to the skin's surface for a moment.


Jo - November 9

I'm so jealous! I'm 16 1/2 weeks and haven't felt a thing, but want to! This is my first, so my doc said be patient until around 20 weeks........


Chrissy - November 9

I am 16 1/2 weeks and I haven't felt anything either... I am jealous too! Hopefully it will happen soon... April seems so far away!!



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