Lamaze Classes

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Martha2007 - February 27

Any one is taking lamaze classes? How can I find information about those classes? When it is good time to take those child birth classes? I am 18W 2 days. Please share your experience? Is it useful?


sarahd - February 27

Hi Martha - I'm going to be taking prenatal labour cla__ses starting around 7months (for me end of March). I'd ask your doctor for some info about cla__ses in your area, or you can check with local rec centres, etc. I know a lot of the info will be stuff I already know, but I think it will be good for dh as he hasn't been around a lot of babies (and certainly never a birth, although neither have I!). I'm hoping they will give me some good breathing techniques also...


JerseyGirl - February 27

Hey neighbor. I just signed up for these!! Where are you giving birth? Your hospital likely offers cla__ses. I'm giving birth at St. Peters in New Brunswick and they offer lots of cla__ses. We start lamaze/childbirth cla__s in mid-April, and I'll be 32 weeks then. You should sign up when you're about 24 weeks so you don't get closed out.


Martha2007 - February 27

Thanks Jersey. I will be delivering at JFK hospital, Edison. How do I sign up for the cla__ses in that hospital? Should I ask my doctor about it?


jendean00 - February 27

I called the hospital I was delivering at and they emailed me a cla__s schedule. I am sure they offfer the same in your city.


TinaSos - February 27

I got the info from my doc and was told I should go in my 7th month.


jodie - February 27

The sooner you sign up the better so the cla__ses don't fill up. I waited to long when I was preg last time. So we went in with no It was fine though. Now that we have been through one delivery we are just going to wing it again. Good luck!


JerseyGirl - February 28

MARTHA: I called St. Peter's directly... went on their Web site and found the # for "parent education." The lady sent me a whole brochure of all the cla__ses they offer, including prices & descriptions. I am sure JFK offers the same thing, so call them - SOON! Let me know what you find out!


JulieK - February 28

We went to prenatal cla__ses with our first pregnancy, and I htought they were great. I had done a lot of reading so I wouldn't say I really learned anything, but it was great to listen to all of the womans stories of their pregnancies. Also, I think it was a real eye opener for my husband, who realized that he wasn't just going to be there to Also, they talk ma__sage techniques for labour, so I got to be pampered a little. It was nice. Unfortuantely we didn't end up getting to use any of it, 'cause I ended up with a scheduled


JerseyGirl - February 28

JULIE: I'm hoping this cla__s will be the same for my DH as it was for yours. My pregnancy so far (knock on wood) has been a breeze... none of those late-night cravings that he has to run out for, no morning sickness... nothing. So he's been just as lucky as me I guess. But the labor & delivery will be quite different, and I hope he's somewhat prepared for that. He has ADD a bit, and I could see him leaving the room a lot, wanting to go home or something... Maybe he'll be shocked during the cla__s and say, "Wow, I didn't realize."


d - February 28

I am delivering at Somerset Medical in Somerville. Their website has info on all kinds of cla__ses you can take. My dr gave me a list during the first trimester. Good Luck. Although I didn't start mine at 7months. I figure the later the better for me, the more I will remember..



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