Lamaze Is It Necessary

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Kelley - May 17

This is my first pregnancy and I was wondering if lamaze helps. I'm really torn about it. I'm due Sept. 19 and the class I want to take is not until Aug. 20, but as mentioned, I don' t know how helpful it will be. Not only that, it's an all day class and they include br___t feeding, something I am opting not to do. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!


lilmum - May 17

Alot of women find that a prenatal cla__s is alot better. The one's i've seen were once a week for like 6 weeks or so. It's 3 or 4 hours and each cla__s addresses a different subject, from labour to delievery(delivery was a few days, what to expect, complications, enduring childbirth), to how to care for a newborn, and the last cla__s was b___stfeeding (so if your not interested, you can just skip that day :P). They are very informative and cover alot more ground. I hope this helps.


Emma - May 18

I am beginning to know exactly what you are talking about. I am due Sept 7th and we had our first cla__s last night. We lugged all our pillows and blankets and c___p they told us to bring along to the room only to find out that we were doing baby care instead of breathing that night. The first breathing cla__s for us isn't until August 17th. WHat if the baby comes early??!! To make matters worse, everyone in the cla__s was super stuck up and b___hy seeming. I said hi to everyone I made eye contact with and smiled and they all either ignored me or gave me a dirty look. My husband and I were really looking forward to meeting other new parents but I'm really on the verge of just saying forget it with lamaze (but i probably will go just cause I'm signed up). I guess I was just really surprised at how rude so many other people were.


Jen - May 18

With my last pregnancy I tool a prenatal cla__s. I got much benefit from the cla__s on how to prepare and what to expect, but as for the breathing it didn't do a d__n thing for me I developed my own tequnique while I was in labor to get me through. I don't think it works but everyone is different.


lilmum - May 18

i have been talking with some friends of mine who have taken a lamaze cla__s rather than a prenatal cla__s. A few of them felt the lamaze did help with toning the muscles they used for delivery, but none of them thought it was actually useful during labour. They too (like emma said) figured out what was best when the time came.



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