Last Name Debate

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JenC - February 15

Okay, so when my husband and I got married, I kept my maiden name. I didn't hyphenate it, I kept it. I feel though that it's important that when my child is born, she have both sides of our family represented. I would like to hyphenate her last name. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this?


jeni23 - February 15

no sorry i gave both my daughters my maiden name and my son will have my husbands last name,thats they way we worked it out.


Kime - February 15

i think im going to give my daughter both of our names...


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

My SIL has her maiden name hyphenated and than her married name and I do know she is taking my brothers name when the baby is born.


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

Oops I meant to say the baby will be given just my brothers last name :)


javidsgirl - February 15

well i think it depends on one preference really i do know that in some cultures the daughter are given the mothers maiden name like jeni23 did and the son the fathers name . i have thought about giving my children my maiden last name but i am not sure if i actualy will or not . but hyphened names are good because then both familes are represented . have you spoke to your husband on how you wish to work it out


lynne3 - February 15

I kept my maiden name too, JenC. Our little girl will have both our last names (hyphenated). I just explained to my husband that I want my daughter to have my last name just like he wants her to have his last name. That was it!


JenC - February 15

My husband is very open to do whatever I'd like, as long her his name is represented as well. Which I think is only fair. I'm just trying to decide if a hyphenated name will be a pain in the b___t for a child.....I do feel like the annoyances it may cause will be well worth it if our child understands the importance of both family lines. Thanks all for your input...


Diann - February 16

JenC, my first ds had a hyphenated name. dad's name first then mine. (it sounded better) we were not married. it was a total pain in the b___t. i was always addressed by the fathers last name. short side of the long story.....mother's last name first then dad's. after a marriage and divorce, 2 name changes my now 15 yrs old my ds only has my maiden name and his fathers is considered a third name. with current pg baby's last name will be a combo of both but there will be no hyphen. it may be long but it will be his name. his intials will not reconize my last name but it will be present kinda like have the last name of Littlejohn. with this day and age there is no set rules on this matter


jdstrong80 - February 16

Hi JenC-- My aunt and uncle settled on a good compromise since my aunt kept her maiden name too (as did I, and my husband and I plan to use her idea as well) They gave the child 2 middle names, the 1st one being the "real" middle name and the 2nd one is my aunt's maiden name. So my cousin is Carly Elizabeth Strong Williams. No hyphen, and at school she just goes by her normal first and last names. She just has 4 initials to monogram on things instead of 3! Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


MNMOM - February 16

I think whatever you chose will be right for you. My circ_mstance is a little odd, in that I have a very common last name (think Nelson/thompson, etc) and I married a man with the same last name completely by chance - no we are not distant relatives! I never had to change my name and never felt like I lost my ident_ty, it has been great :)


wrightofway - February 16

I would decide which name you're ALL going to use and go with it. It makes doc_ments (hospital, birth cert / soc insurance... school... baptism... )... all that stuff WAY easier! My DH offered to a__sume MY maiden name (he liked it better than his!)... but I opted to take his (I liked HIS better lol)... our children and us will all have the same last name. What difference does it make if you take your DH's name, or he takes yours?? Seriously? I never understood the great debate about it... but I'm adopted... so my maiden name was an 'a__sumed' name to begin with lol... I am not being judgemental... just don't get it.



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