Late April Early May

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blanketsandbottles - December 2

Hi! I'm not new here, I just took a break after my DS was born! DH and I are expecting a DD April 30th! Was wondering if anyone was around the same time and wanted to wait it out together.....


susieq1212 - December 9

I'm due April 16th with my first - it's a boy!


lizworkinonbaby - December 12

Im due April 23rd with a little girl. My first after 3 m/c. This is the first time Ive been so far, and everything is going extremly well!


sleepless - December 18

this is my first baby and im due may 3rd with a baby girl. excited and nervous...oh and restless...again lol


Santana0409 - December 18

Hi! Actully our due dates aren't around the same time there on the exact same day, I'm April 30th too!!


kellyearle - December 23

this is my first pregnancy and i am due on april 27 with a little girl <3


blanketsandbottles - December 26

Glad to see there are a few of us! We have decided to name our little girl Georgia Leola. Georgia is after my great grandmother and Leola is after my husbands mom. She pa__sed when he was only 9.


Missie76 - December 28

I'm due May 9th, keeping gender a seceret


Mommy2B28 - December 29

Hey there :) My due date is April 29th or May 4th and I am really starting to feel the pain. Its exciting to know that so many people will be giving birth on or around the same time. I'm having my first little girl and I'm not sure if I should be excited or scared to death. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


icelandmommy - December 29

Hi, due April 25-26 with a princess:) She will be our third! Lots of trying for this one and feel blessed to be in my 6th month:) Congrats to all!


lnichole - January 8

I am due May 1st with my 3rd boy!! Congrats to all of you!!


pgagain - January 18

I am due April 21st with my sixth baby. She will be my fifth girl. Getting very excited about buying baby things all over again. There will be ten years between her and the next youngest and almost 21 years between her and the oldest.



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