Late July Babies We Made It

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rjrmi - January 18

I am 13 weeks today! (Due July 26th) It's so exciting to "officially" be able to click the 2nd trimester opposed to "peeking!" I know there will never be a time to feel gaurunteed a perfect pregnancy, but I think every milestone is a cause for celebration! Yeah! Who else made it over?!


suze42 - January 18

congrats rjrmi... I just made it over here last week!


c_baer19 - January 18

Congrats, I also made it over here last week, I'm due 3 days before you. =)


soimpatient - January 18

Congrats! I am due July 25th! I am also so excited to be out of the "evil" first tri! Things are looking up already :)


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

i'm july i'm officially here tomorrow! yay for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


soimpatient - January 18

Jessica, how was your wedding? Congrats on entering the second tri!


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

thanks soimpatient, my wedding was beautiful. i love watching the video ;o) so glad to join you ladies over here!!!


krnj - January 18

Congrats! I'm right behind you, due July 29th. I go for the nuchal translucency test tomorrow. Congrats on your wedding Jessica!


tracyd - January 18

I made it too! Wow, how exciting to hit that magical 13 week mark. We're just telling family & friends now!! : )


jodie - January 18

Hello rjrmi I am due july 23rd!! Go us!! P.S. if any of you have a chance read my constipation post...I would like to hear if anyone else is like me...ughh!!


soimpatient - January 19

Tracy, WOW! You definitely have patience! we told our immediate family that we were pg right away and I had intended to tell everyone else after the first tri but I just couldn't do it. I ended up telling everyone at 10 weeks. Enjoy spreading the good news! Jessica, you should post some wedding pics!


tracyd - January 19

hey soimpatient - I love that you think I"m patient but, it's so not true...I can't stand suspense...I'm busting at the seams to find out gender. LOL! We had a couple of m/c last year, so we were a little gun shy this time around. But we're here now!!!! And, it's so great to be spreading the news!!!!!!!


rjrmi - January 19

Are any of you showing yet? My jeans were tight for the first time this morning! (Although I did make a big pan of lasagna last night....!) Did any of you guys get the Bella Band? My friend just sent me one and I am excited to try it out!


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

hey ladies :o) todays my first official day of my second trimester!!! how exciting! and i woke up feeling very bloated....gained my first 2 lbs! how fitting! pants have been very tight so i went out and bought some adjustable maternity pants and some bigger sweats for around the house.....they're too big now, but not for long!!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

oh and i'm gonna post a few wedding pics on my FF page....HOME/16A200


soimpatient - January 19

I'm already showing or just getting fat. I've already gained 10lbs though!! The weight gain part of pregnancy isn't too much fun for me. I'm hoping that it will slow down but I have a feeling that I will be gaining almost 50lbs by the end. Oh well, it is soooo worth it:)


soimpatient - January 19

Oh and Tracy, sorry to hear about your m/c :(



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