Late Ultrasound

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joy28 - November 7

I was 17wks on my last visit and when I asked Dr about my next ultrasound , she said because I had my first at 6 wks, she'll wait until the next appt to set it up. There is always a 2wk wait to get in and I'm worried that at 23-24 wks, it just seems too late. I guess because it's my first I just really want to see the baby and feel reassured that things are going well. But also I want to know the s_x. Some friends said that after 22wks, the baby can get too big to see the s_x! Anyone has any inout or opinoins on that? I'm planning on just scheduling it anyway for my 21wk visit, but I don't want the Dr. mad at me!


ROBYN - November 7

Hi Joy i am just 23 weeks pregnant and have had more u/s then i can count. My most recent was not even a week ago and you could see the gender ours is a boy with absolutely no problem. We found out at 16 weeks at our u/s. At t 22 .5 weeks gestation my son was 11.2 inches and weighed 1.5 lbs they arent too big to be seen on an u/s. You know there are companies out there that will do the 3d and 4d u/s to give the s_x of the baby if you dont want to wait. Good luck to you


jvall2030 - November 7

I think once you are past the 16 week date you can go to the private companies to get the 3d/4d ultrasound.


BriannasMummy - November 7

No worries joy.. youll be able to see the s_x of the baby.. and the baby wont be too big. My sister had to have a second u/s with both of her babies MUCH AFTER 22 weeks.. one was at 32 weeks and the other was at 36 weeks. before they found out the gender of her babies. If anything, I would say the gender gets easier to see as time goes on.. and there is less room for mistakes. Honestly, if they cant tell, it wont be from your baby being to big.. but from your baby hiding. There is always the option of the 4d private places?? Good luck. ~Kristin~


joy28 - November 7

Thanks ladies. Has anyone actually had a 3D/4D u/s? Are they expensive if you go private? I'm in the Chicagoland area and I think the closest is about an hr- hr & half north. Do you think they are worth it?


jennifer_33106 - November 7

Hey there Joy. It depends on the person to be honest. Tomorrow I am going in for my u/s and ill be 24 weeks. I had one at 6 weeks 7 weeks 9 weeks and 20 weeks. At the 20th week scan the tech didnt do something right so my doctor wants me to have another one. I wouldnt wanna get the 3D or the 4D just because I dont wanna see the baby before she is here. A 3D/4D is a more clear view of the baby and they can detect the s_x even if the legs are closed most of the time. Many people get them for personal reasons but sometimes doctors will order them if there is a risk of downs ect. Whether or not it is worth it is up to you to be honest. Like I said I dont wanna see what my baby looks like til she is here. I figure I already know if its a boy or a girl os I want one surprise at the end. haha. check out my piczo tomorrow afternoon. Ill have pics up of her and you can see what a scan at 24 weeks looks like so maybe it will rest your mind. My piczo is it is under my baby page in the ultrasound section. GL and dont worry!!


ROBYN - November 7

JOY - i havent had one yet but i am going to get one they have all different packages you can research on the internet in the area you live just google 3d or 4d u/s in the area you live you should be able to places and pricing they range from 99 dollars for like gender prediction up till several hundred dollars.


jennifer_33106 - November 8

I just wanted to tell you that you have nothing to worry about!!! To be honest today I saw my baby more clearly then I did at 20 weeks. You will be able to see the s_x as long as the baby cooperates!!! The baby is perfect size at this time!!!



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