Leaking Breast At 23 Weeks

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A - October 17

My br___t leak a yellow/clear discharge every now and then... usually while I'm sleeping and sometimes during the day... I think it may be the colostrum.... but isnt 23 weeks way to early to leak?


elizabeth - October 18

Its normal to leak now. i have done this since like 16-18 week and its usually during when im sleeping, but sometimes during the day, and im almost 23 weeks now and i still get it often. its totally fine..good luck


jules - October 18

Yes it's normal. I'm 24 weeks & I've been leaking at night sometimes since about 16 weeks. The other day I wasn't wearing a bra and my arm was leaning on my b___st as I was talking on the phone, this even triggered it off. Hopefully it won't happen while I'm out of the house! Good luck.


j - October 18

i'm 31 weeks and my b___bs have had, i don't know how to explain it...crusty stuff on them since the beginning and i'd just pick it off.....but just the other day i wasn't wearing a bra and walking around the house and my arm brushed my left b___b and it got wet so i looked and it was leaking. :S not worried about it, just didn't want to start leaking this early 'cause that means i HAVE to wear a bra. :( it's so uncomfy when you're huge to wear a bra.


Kate and Baby - October 18

Good evening ladies. I am 25 weeks and have had no leakage yet. Is this normal??? Hearing you ladies i am starting to get worried.


Jules - October 18

Kate, I think every girl is different. My mum said she never had any leakage while she was pregnant, yet I am getting it already. So don't worry just be thankful you're not leaking yet!


Natalie - October 19

What you are leaking is colostrum. dont worry, i started leaking that stuff at 14 weeks. its made by hormones in the body, but some people are just more sensitive to it and leak from an early time than others. if you get blood or puss though, see your doctor as you may have an infection. hope thats helped



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