Leaking Nipples Please Help

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lilbeanNov7th - May 29

Hey guys! I have been following many of your post ssince I first found out that I was preganant in February but I have never actually posted myself (what was I thinking *grins*) Now I am 18 weeks and I woke up on Sunday morning and my husband says to me.. uhh.. are you sweating a lot or is your nipple leaking? I immediately went to the bathroom and it really was leading a clear liquid. It's not enough to go through my bra but it's definitely weird taking off my bra and having wet spots!!! Then I got really curious and I tasted it (I know, it's kind of gross) and there wasn't much of a taste at all. I'm assuming that this is normal but if you ladies have any information about when/if you started leaking I would be reassured. Also, I made my husband go with me (he almost died of embarassment) to look at br___t pads so that I didn't leak through my bra and if you guys have any suggestions about good brands that would be awesome. Thanks ahead of time for the info.


wendelmar - May 29

With my first pregnancy, I began leaking colostrum around 15 weeks. Your body begins to develop colostrum around this time, and this will be the first source of nutrition to the baby for the first few days until your milk develops. I tasted it too...so that is not too wierd. You will notice that taking warm showers will make them flow even more. It is just one of those "not so pleasant" things we moms must go through. Good Luck!!


Trish# - May 30

I've had the same thing happen! I'm 27 weeks and thought colostrum would come in much later. Mine is actually leaking thru my bras (which are thin) and sometimes thru my shirts! So I bought some nursing pads but they are so bulky that they look so stupid. Guess I need a more padded bra. I asked my nurse about this and she said some women start doing this earlier than others, and not to worry. I agree that it's kind of embara__sing but we might as well get over it, as much more embara__sing stuff is to come, I suppose!



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