Leaky Breasts Already Help

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ella431 - October 28

Im 23 weeks, and have noticed im starting to leak already! I definitely didn't think it would happen this early. What can i do about it? I've heard to put nursing pads in your bra, does this work? I dont really want to leak through my shirts! Thanks for any help


Tory1980 - October 28

Unfortunately there isn't a great deal you can do about it other than using breatpads to hide any leaks. This is an annoying but good sign! You aren;t that early believe it or not but don't express the milk manually or with a pump as you will only increase it and possibly cause contractions as you get further into the pregnancy!


jennifer_33106 - October 28

haha you are lucky! I have been leaking since about 12 weeks. It can be a early pgy sign but usually the earliest it can start is 13 weeks. With me I can tell When I am gonna leak to be honest. I get a achy feeling in my nipple sorta like a throb and then *wet* haha GL though and yeah use those b___st pads!!


Cevvin - October 28

jennifer that is let down haha. I dont remember having let down before my last baby was born, but i do remember the leaking. Just use nursing pads, i went with the washable ones, and carried a ton with me in case i had a "bad" day of leaking. But i have fairly small b___sts so i didn't need to use the disposables with the sticky tabs on them. Good luck.


ella431 - October 28

hey ladies thanks for your responses! I went out and bought some nursing pads, hoping they do the trick! What should I do at night though? Should I sleep with my bra on and the pads in? thanks


HeavenisMine - October 28

Hey there, I started leaking at 17/18 weeks, and now my b___sts hurt and I haven't even given birth yet (36weeks6days). Try the pads, you shouldn't leak too too much through them to get onto your shirt:)


HeavenisMine - October 28

I see you already got the pads, try sleeping with them in your bra, I find I leak mostly at night time and wake up with an icky bra in the morning. That should do it.



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