Leg And Other Pains

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jujubee0228 - October 16

I'm at 22 weeks and pregnant with child #2. In the past month I have gotten woke up very painful leg cramps. I call them 'charlie horses'. For a week or so after I get the charlie horse, my calf muscles hurt so bad and it makes it hard to even walk. On top of that, my pelvic area has been hurting. It feels like my body is being stretched in 2 different directions. I'm sure my body is preparing itself for this pregnancy and birth, but this early on?? Is that normal? I don't remember my 1st pregnancy being nearly this uncomfortable. I walk around like I'm 90 years old. Someone help. And if you've seen my s_x drive, please return it!


Iamamiracleangel - October 16

Wow, that sucks, my calf muscles don't hurt, it's more my pelvis. When I stand up, I have to waddle until it feels like I can put my legs back together again, lol. Not to sound weird, but it feels like the aftermath of a s_x-a-thon, minus the funness. I also get charlie horse type feelings in my hip muscles when I stand up too quickly..... Sad to say I think our s_x drives ran off together.. yay:(


jennifer_33106 - October 16

haha awe poor jujubee!! Thankfully the Charlie Horses havent gotten to me yet. But I hear it is a normal pregnancy symptom. haha you know I as well feel to be around 90! I cant bend over sitting down, standing up and bending is becoming a problem. If I sneeze or cough I PEE!! I have a numb b___t and a back ache half the time. I grunt getting up from the couch and b___h about everything. haha Sounds like 90 to me!!


jennifer_33106 - October 16

I need a d__n rascal!


Julie - October 17

You guys are too funny! Thanks, I needed a laugh. And guess what, I got yet ANOTHER Charlie Horse in my leg again last night!! I swear, I may just cut my legs off!!


sarah21 - October 17

Try taking more pota__sium, getting more salt and water in your diet (sounds odd, I know), and it may help.


jaa - October 17

jujubee... ouch! I had the same thing one night around 22 weeks. So, the next night before bed, I heated that calf w/ heating pad and then stretched it. (I forget the name of the stretch, but it's the one where you keep your leg straight and pull your toes toward you body.) It worked! No more charlie horses. Several times in the weeks since then, I have awoken feeling like it was about to come on again, but I instantly straightened my leg in bed and did the same stretch; it has worked every time. Hope it works for you!


cfuller - October 18

no worries, the exact same thing happened to me around that time and it hurt like hell! I would get charlie horses everynight for a week! to stop it from actually coming n full force I did the same stretching that jaa did. Point your toes up towards your body, do NOT curl them up. Eat a banana before bed too, that should help. I had to have my dh ma__sage my calves before bed one night because they ached so bad from the charlie horses from the night before. That stopped them for quite a while. I still get them occasionally but not as often. I hope this helps you! Oh yeah, and I have no s_x drive either, it's very normal for some women



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