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Jacque - April 21

I am 25 weeks and just started having bad leg cramps in the middle of the night. I wake up about 5-6 times with them. Any advice on how to get rid of them? Diet? Exercise?


Susan W - April 21

Ooooohhhh, I remember those. . the pain!! I had them if for some reason I couldn't move my legs enough while sleeping (like if a cat was laying on me or I was sleeping in a sleeping bag). But sitting still too long during the day made them worse for me too. I found if I stretched before going to bed for a few minutes and ate enough calcium, with adequate phosphorus and pota__sium, the frequency went way down. I used to use a heating pad to make them go away, and everybody says ma__sage, but I would cry with pain (and I have an extremely high pain tolerance) if DH tried to ma__sage it away. I would slowly lever myself out of bed to walk them off, but when you have them several times a night (or if one strikes as you get up to go potty) it really cuts your sleep. I remember being very tired until I got ahead of them. It's incredibly painful, so you totally have my sympathy. Good luck finding something that helps you.


Jacque - April 21

Thank you for the advice, stretching would probably help. I wonder if walking would help or make them worse. I have been pretty lazy during my pregnancy.


Steph - April 21

Eat a bannanna or two a day...they have high leves of pota__sium which will help to decrease the amount and frequency of your leg cramps.


sa__sifras - April 21

I remember those too!! I was told to increase my pota__sium and water intake. So eat those bananas and drink up!!


Danielle19 - April 21

when u feel them coming on or are having them point your toes as far toward your face as you can with out bending your legs makes mine stop immeditly and they usually don't come back untill the next nite of course


GraceRenee - April 21

Danielle's advice is what I was going to say. During pregnancy #2 I did this every time I felt the beginning of a cramp, and not one ever turned into a full fledged really bad leg cramp. You have to catch it early and act fast though.


Susan W - April 22

I could never do what Danielle and GraceRenee suggest as that made it worse, but it is what is supposed to stop one :) The cramps I hated were when they would strike as I was rolling over (no mean feat by itself sometimes!). ooowwww. I think delivery was LESS painful! Walking a little might help you to by increasing blood flow to the muscles. Again, good luck. BTW, the bananas are a good source of pota__sium. I needed more than that though and ended up taking it in tablet form too. I did get ahead of it and did get them to stop. Just keep trying to find what helps you.


kelley32 - April 23

Putting my foot flat on the floor and keeping my leg straight always helped for me ... ooooo, I just dread getting those again, aaarrrrggggg! I always tried not to point my toes while stretching, that's what caused them for me.


EM - April 24

One banana plus a calcium supplement worked immediately for me...the exercises only made them worse.


Karen_Fletcher - April 26

HI, i am 20 weeks and got really bad leg cramps for the 1st time yesterday, it was the 1st time i had been on my bike for just over a week, but i got the pain really bad last night so i out a cold flannel on my leg and raised it onto my body pillow, when i woke up abit later my pain had gone.......the flannel made the throbbing go away at least!!! :o)



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