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SS - June 1

I am 13 weeks, less or more, and just yesterday my legs started cramping for no reason! I am having the same problem today. I know it is normal, but is it normal for it to just start up automatically? I only sit for about ten minutes on the computer and I start getting cramps!!! anyone else with the same problem?


Babygirls1st - June 1

I heard this exercise helps.Sitting in a chair at work or home, raise your legs and point and flex your feet whether your're having cramps or not.


Brandi - June 1

YES, 14 wks. I almost feel like I have growing pains. My legs hurt all the time, and Im always stretching.


555 - June 1

What cuases leg cramps?


miranda - June 2

oh my god! i was getting the WORST leg cramps all the way through last night. i usually only get them at night. i'm 25 weeks.


Melissa - June 2

I used to get leg cramps all the time. Mine turned out to be from lack of pota__sium. I always make sure to eat a banana each day, they have lots of pota__sium and it helps. Also, make sure you stretch well after exercise (even stuff like vaccuuming) I know that leg cramps are one of the lovely symptoms of pregnancy, not sure what the cause it though.


citrouille - June 2

I have had some major problems with leg cramps and my doctor prescribed me magnesium. Let me tell you it WORKS!!! I agree with Melissa that it can also be due to a lack of pota__sium.. but think of taking some magnesium supplements as well I'm sure it'll help, it certainly saved me!


Heidi - June 2

I get them in my calves all the time at night and during the day. My doctor told me to take one or two Tums before bedtime and it will help with the cramping. She said it had something to do with lack of calcium. They hurt like hell! I got a bad charlie horse yesterday morning that woke me up out of a dead sleep and it's still really sore this morning! No fun. I noticed I get them the same night if I do any long walking or bike riding that day. No fair!



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