Leg Problems At Night

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Emy - October 17

I don't know if I am alone with this but I hope not. I am waking up at night because I want to swtich sides (I hate not being able to be comfortable on my back) and my hips hurt. But recently, my legs have also been bothering me. It is like they feel heavy and sore and I need to walk on them to relieve the pain...anyone else have this? If so, is there anything that helps? Thanks...


JP - October 17

I have this too. I put a pillow in between my legs and this seems to elevate some of the problem.


Emy - October 17

Thanks JP..I will try that tonight!


Michelle - October 17

Yes ....definitely use a pillow. Takes the pressure off of your lower back. Makes in much more comfortable to sleep.


Beth - October 17

I have a body pillow and it helps but I wake up w/ inner thigh, hips, and groin pain. I think it would help if you could stay on one side. I can't....I constantly toss from one side to the other. I think I am going to eventually end up on the reclining chair! ;-(


pbj - October 17

I use a body pillow between my legs, I will tell you though it will not necessarily relieve your hip pain. My hips hurt from being stuck on one side for too long. You didn't specify your leg pain, but leg cramps are common during pregnancy. I try to now flex my muscles before I go to sleep...it seems to help. Also, if they do cramp up just flex your feet forward, it will go away even though it painful. Restless leg syndrome is also common, but I think sleeping with the pillow between your legs could help.


Rachel.R - October 18

Emy- I was getting alot of pain in my legs too. im not sure whether it is the same as mine was.. but my legs were heavy sore and it felt like they had to move.. i had to walk alot.. to basically wear myself out so i could sleep through it.. I didnt know what this was and whether i was alone.. i spoke to my mum about it and she told me she thought it was called "restless leg syndrome" (yes it is actually real) so i looked it up on the internet, and I found heaps of info on it.. and apparantly it is very common in pregnancy.. so have a look at some sites, cause some of them tell you things to do to relieve the pain. It worked for me, and I dont get the pain at all anymore.. I hope i helped you..


elizabeth - October 18

i get horrible leg cramps and it hurts so bad i wanna scream..Its like in the morning i used to stretch and feel lots better but now if i stretch my legs i get this big sharp pain in my leg and i have to jump up really fast when i lay down and stand up then it goes away. That teaches me a lesson not to do that...but then sometimes i dont think about it and do it again. the joys of pregnancy...and i love every minute of it!!!


Emy - October 18

Yes, it is restless leg syndrome I think....But I took your advice ladies and last night put a pillow between my legs. It was so great! Thanks for that advice..I did not feel as much pain last night.



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