Less Movement Than Before

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mandee25 - June 14

Ok I have been feeling my baby move since week 14 or 15 and this Friday I will be 18 weeks. The past 4 days the movement hasn't been as regular as before and it seems fainter as well. Am I just a worry wart or should I contact my doc right away about this? A co-worker told me not to worry. That it is too early to feel movement all the time at 18 weeks. Help please....


shortcake - June 14

Don't worry too much :) I think that movement is really erratic until your about 20 to 22 weeks then it starts getting more constant and you start to notice sleeping patterns. Ive read your not suppose to worry too much about movement until after 20 weeks since baby is still really tiny. As long as you feel some kind of movement at 18 weeks even if its very light then thats movement :) Baby could be facing the placenta and kicking that so the padding from that might not be allowing for much feeling for you. I would say if baby stopped and you haven't felt it for a whole day then maybe stop in and check for the heartbeat. That will always make you feel better and I don't think your doc would tell you NOT to come in. Most doctors are sensative to women during pregnancy, it'd take the nurse 2 seconds to check for the heart and you can rest easy :)


Newhoneybuns - June 14

Don't worry hun it did that too me too and i was getting really paranoid but like shortcake said at around 20-22 weeks you will feel baby move more. So don't worry if you don't feel it move for a few days it's just normal and doesn't mean she's not moving when you're sleeping ;-)


Perl - June 14

Like shortcake said, the direction that the baby is facing makes a difference too. I've read that at this stage, if baby is facing outward toward your belly then you'll feel kicking movements more easily than if baby is facing toward your back or up or down.


Taffy - June 14

Early on it can vary how much you feel as they baby isn't strong enough to make you aware if it's kicking the placenta. If they change position for a few days you may not feel anything but don't worry as they soon move back and kick with even more force than before. My placenta is in the front so most of the kicks I feel are towards my back but only if she's facing that way. I'm now 22 weeks and starting to feel kicks through the placenta. Movement will appear to come and go and Drs say not to worry unless you're at least 28 weeks.


mandee25 - June 16

Thanks for the encouragment girls! This website is so helpful. I think it's the only pregnancy one I go to regularly. Today I turned 18 weeks and I have felt maybe 8 tiny kicks on the same left hand side of my lower abdomen since I woke up. I feel better now and I'm not gonna worry myself about this anymore.


jenrodel - June 16

I wouldn't worry - althought that's not so easy to do!! I felt quite a bit of movement when I was 16 - 17 weeks, and then around 18 weeks it pretty much stopped all together for an entire week. After that it came back like crazy! Now at 24 weeks I feel it all the time - although some days baby is definitely way more active than others. I think it's normal around that stage (18 - 20 weeks) for movement to come and go and not to feel a whole lot sometimes.



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