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beardtl - November 25

I have been having terrible pain on my right side randomly that leave me not being able to walk or stand up straight- my dr says it is round ligamant pain- but to me this extreme- what it hurts i can't lift my legs, walk or stand up straight- sometimes it only for a few minutes and then other times its a couple of hours- it only happens on my right side- my urine is good so that rules out a kidney infection- what do you think this is? or can you describe your ligament pain? Thanks!


montie75 - November 25

It's ligament pain. I had this on my left side at about 18 weeks. It hurt to breath and walk. Now, I have it in my hips and in my leg where it connects to my body.......LOL!! I am pregnant with twins, and what they are doing is laying on different nerves. It will pa__s, although mine seems like it's getting worse. Good luck to you!! (but I wouldn't worry)


beardtl - November 25

Thanks soo much- I really needed some rea__surance. Anyone else had a similar experience?


joely - November 25

I am 17 weeks and I have the same pains but on my left side. This is my first baby so Im just a__suming its ligament pain like everyone says. When my bladder gets just a little full I have this horrible pain and once I go to the bathroom all the pain disappears. I saw my baby on an ultrasound this week and "his" legs are kicking my pelvic bone. Weird, huh? I mean its only 6 oz how could it hurt so bad? Have you had the same experience? How far along are you?


Whisper - November 26

I have this on my left side from time to time as well, usually only lasts a few seconds for me though, but it does come back every so often, especially when my bladder is full. Going to pee takes the pain away. I'm in week 13... I would imagine that the pain probably gets more intense as the pregnancy progresses, since everything stretches more and more. Just a guess though.



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