Ligament Pain Cramps

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JessC531 - February 24

I have a question for ladies who have been through this before. This is my first baby, and I am almost 18 weeks pregnant. In the last week I have seriously popped, and started feeling the baby kicking. I'm also feeling cramping down really low, almost below my uterus? Could this be the ligament pain I've heard about? It doesn't really feel like a muscle thing, more like cramps. I tend to be a worrywart, and just want to know that this is normal. Thanks for your input! :)


sarahd - February 24

I've had achey pains down there as well, but if you're getting real CRAMPS I'd call your doc just in case. It's definitely normal to feel lots of soreness and aches, even for hours at a time (at least I've had that), but true cramping is usually worth a call to your doc at least. Good luck!


squished - February 24

I feel like the area above my pubic bone is bruised almost and have had pain on the lower sides to. My doc said it's ligaments, but like sara said if you are having constant cramps I would call the doc just to check.


wailing - February 24

Constant cramping followed by dizziness or any kind of blood at all isn't normal. But a sore crampy feeling below is the ligaments I'm sure. I have them every now and then also.


aliciavr6 - February 25

When I had ligament pain, it was sharp pain on my left side, not dull like cramps but I think I heard it could be either way, you might want to mention it to your doc though. But as with your experience, everytime I had pain in my abs, my stomach got way bigger haha. almost overnight!


JessC531 - February 25

Thanks ladies. The cramping is not constant - it sort of comes and goes - and it isn't severe. It's just a dull pain. I just thought muscles might feel more sharp. I'm definitely getting a lot bigger, daily it seems, so maybe that's what it has to do with. I swear I'm twice as big as I was a week ago. I don't even recognize myself!



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