Light Brown Discharge At 14 Weeks

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Rose - November 23

Hi hi, anyone has experienced light brown discharge at 14 weeks?... These 2 weeks, i have light brown discharge once a few days. Each time, it's like one spot, then no more. Then after a few days, i will find another spot of discharge and no more. It's worrying me. Is this normal?


Angie - November 24

Hi Rose, Its definitely something you want to mention to your ob. However, as long as it is brown, my doc said not to worry about it. I had it a couple of days when I was around 20 weeks. I called while I was sobbing. They said not to worry. I had an ultrasound the following week and it relieved me to see my little girl swimming around. My doc is cool about letting me have ultrasounds, if it will ease my nerves (he said the stress isn't good). See if your doc will allow that. Tell him how nervous you are and think it will help. All he can say is no. However, if you can (and I know it is a tall order), don't worry, I actually have talked to a ton of people who have experienced that in their pregnancy and it was fine. I hope I helped someone else ease their fears. I know that so many people on this board have helped me!


Rose - November 24

Hi Angie, thanks for ur reply. Have mentioned it to my doc. She always give me that 3 possibilities, that it may be threatened abortion, or hormones imbalance, or infection. From the ultrasound, the baby looks normal and healthy. She had did some cells culture for me many weeks back to det infection and there was none. So she suspected that it may be hormonal imbalance. She prescribed me progesterone pills. But the thing is despite eating that, i still get brown discharge now and then. So it seemed like the diagnosis is not conclusive and may not be hormones. By the way, how can she conclude it is hormones imbalance when she did not even check for my hormones level?


Laura - December 5

Hi I have just had ome very light brown discharge today at 13 1/2 weeks and am very frightened. I only had a scan last week and everything was fine but I am really worried. I have lower back ache too. My midwife said it is old blood if it is brown so not too worrying but recommended I ask doc for a scan. I can't stop worrying though. They suggested it might be old blood from when i would have had my period at 12 weeks. Have you had intercourse recently (they also suggested that as a possibility) but I haven't. hope all's well for all of us!


Voices Carry - December 5

Hi rose and Laura ..... I had this issue when I was about 14/15 weeks along. I am 24 wks now ... I didn't have pain just a brown discharge seldomly. I had a scan and everything was fine. Like you Laura the conclusion was that it was older blood being pushed out was your baby continues to get bigger or s_xual intercourse but nothing serious. I was scared too... I've have to previous miscarriages and this is the farthest I've ever been in pregnancy. I'm 30.Try to be positive , just try to rest and keep your feet up as much as you can during the day. Best of wishes to us all!! Happy Holidays .... may we all have the be health turkeys in the spring time that we so long for


Voices Carry - December 5



Laura - December 6

Thanks for your reply-its rea__suring to know that you are doing well afetr having a similar experience. Good luck with your baby! BTW-I'm 31



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