Light Red Spotting In Week 19

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hope2B - February 1

I have has light spotting in first tri, all was checked out and seemed normal...its been at least 2 months since the last time I had spotted at all, I am now in week 19-20 and just noticed come spotting, really light, pink/red, not brown. Has anyone else had spotting in 2nd tri?


sarahd - February 1

I would call your doc - any new bleeding should always be reported, just in case. REST until you hear from them! Good luck...


Rosiemeg - February 1

have you had s_x or an orgasm in the last 24-48 hours? i had 12hrs of bright red bleeding after an intimate night with my hubby in my 17th week. i was told to go on "pelvic rest" for 3 days and call if if happened again. it's common for your cervix to irritated and bleed. if your having any cramping or clots pa__sing i would go to the ER asap.


Faye84 - February 2

hope If you havent had s_x recently I would call your docotor. I know that they take it pretty seriously in the second and third trimester if you are spotting.


sarahd - February 2

How are you doing Hope? Did you get the spotting checked out?


hope2B - February 5

It was so light, that I did not feel the need to call anyone...I would have if I saw it again. It was noticed not to be gross but when I was wipping after a #2, maybe I pushed to hard? hehe


Val - February 6

Hi Hope... I had some spotting a couple of weeks back (around 23 wks) and called my doctor who wanted to see me right away. Turns out I have a polyp on my cervix. Doctor said they are usually benign and often caused by pg hormones... as long as it doesn't cause problems before then, she'll remove it at delivery. It's at least good to know the cause of the spotting. And the doctors do take spotting during 2nd and 3rd tri very seriously.


jessica72 - February 6

Hope, you mentioned it happened after a BM? It could be hemorroids. That happened to me sometime back and I freaked out, but then realized that I had been constipated and that I was seeing the blood on the tissue only when I wiped in that area, so that could be it. If it is...totally harmless to the baby, but would mention it to the doctor next time anyway. Also like others said, if you recently had s_x, you could spot scantily. Happened to me the other night and I'm at 27 weeks! The nurse said pelvic rest from now till the end of pregnancy. Good luck :)



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