Linea Nigra

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Brianna - October 13

Hey yall. I was just wondering if anyone in their second trimester has yet discovered they have the black line or linea nigra? I'm very, very light skinned and to my surprise I just recently discovered that I have the line running from below my navel to my pubic bone. It's not very dark but it is very noticeable! I'm 16 yrs. old and 18 weeks pregnant (gestational) I'm just very curious as to when it's supposed to show up and if any light skinned women also got it?Thx a lot and God Bless!


2 brianna - October 13

ALL pregnant women get the line down between your belly b___ton and pubic area, not just light skinned shows up different 4rm can even see it when you're not pregnant.


mistey - November 3

im sorry 2brianna not ALL women get it im having my 4th and i have never got a linea nigra yes i have heard it is more common in darker skinned women, good luck!


Diana - November 9

Lots of light skinned women get it. It was there before your pregnancy you just couldn't see it and not all women get it. Pregnancy can cause the production of melanin to be more than normal and it is then that you can notice it.


angela - November 19

that's right mistey, me neither, and I heard the same. I am light skinned and on my second child and don't have it this time either. It is perfectly normal, it just depends on the amount of melanin in your skin


maenade - July 5

Hi Brianna, I have one too. I'm very light skinned (natural red head) and I'm about 16 weeks pregnant. I'm 31 years old and I'm quite proud of that line, but I don't know whether is harmful, if it will go away after the pregnancy or if I have to take special care for it ?! I would also like to respond to the first answer; NOT EVERY pregnant woman get's this line.


Mythili - July 5

I am dark skinned and my Linea Nigra is sooooo very dark and very very noticeable.


raye - July 5

I am 27 weeks and haven't seen mine yet. My mom doesn't recall ever having seen this in her three pregnancies, but then again that was long ago! lol


Jennifer - July 5

Hi, I have heard that women with darker skin tones are more apt to get the line, but I am very fair and I am getting the line too. It is very faint but there. I'm 17 weeks.


jycl - July 5

I am very fair skinned and it showed up w/ my first preg. around 18/19 wks and is still there. It never completely went away and now it is starting to darken up again. Mine started between my navel and pubic bone, but eventually I could see it above my navel too. It goes all the way down my stomach.


Jodie - July 5

This is my third baby and ive never had it with any of them, all the books say i should have it by now, i feel like a freak


elleboogie - September 21

I have that libe also,i woke up one day and it was very dark!


Sarah - September 21

Hi, this is my 2nd pregnancy, I am 18 weeks on Friday, I am fairly light skinned. I do not have a line and I didnt with my first. I think it varys from women to women. I dont think it means anything if you dont get one.



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