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MrsShabby - July 4

I am a cheese-a-holic and have been naughty. I have indulged in some feta cheese and blue cheese dressing on occassion. Now I am totally regretting it and am wondering if I should ask my doctor to test me for a listeria infection. The nurse at the doctors' office said it probably isn't a big deal, but I still worry. I guess the symptoms are pretty vague and by the time you know that you have it, you and the baby are pretty sick. Any thoughts/info/suggstions on the matter?


Erin - July 4

Hello. I read this post and it freaked me out. I love feta cheese so I looked up listeria in pregnancy. It says that all or most cheeses are fine. In the list I found, it did not mention cheese as a food to steer clear of. I hope that puts your mind at ease. Now I'm going to go have my pep and feta pizza for supper...


Melissa - July 4

Feta cheese was on the list from my doctor of foods to avoid in the first trimester. How far along are you? Seeing your in the second trimester post, I would think you are fine. If you are still questioning it after talking to the nurse, I would call back and ask to speak with your doctor. THat way you know for sure. Hope all is well!


MrsShabby - July 5

My doctor does not seem too worried about the listeria hysteria- LOL. I just love the cheese stuff, though! I did find one article on WebMD or the FDA's website (after I posted this) that said the semi-soft cheeses are okay if they are made from pasturized milk. My doctor kind of said the same thing and said to be sensible about how quickly you consume the cheese (e.g. don't leave it in the fridge for weeks.) She then admitted to indulging in the stuff herself when she was pregnant. So, I guess it is okay as long as it is pasturized and doesn't sit around in the frigdge too long.


Kim - July 5

As you said, Feta is fine if it is pasteurized (same with Bleu Cheese). If the cheese is made in the US, you should be fine but some soft cheeses from overseas are not made with pasteurized milk and these are the ones you need to watch out for.


Sara - July 5

FYI... I know someone who was 9 months pregnant, ate feta throughout her whole pregnancy and gave birth to a still born baby, found out it was due to listeria found in feta cheese. Anything non-pasturized.



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