Literally No Pg Symtoms Would Like 2nd Trimester Advice

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New_to_this - April 14

Hi there, im fairly new to this site, and i thought perhaps my question would be better answered in this board. Im having difficulty measuring my pregnancy, I had a m/c in February and my period came on March 9th. I use to be a 28 day girl but this cycle would have been a 32 day. (i think). My period didnt come this month and i got a bfp. Well i had my levels checked and they were only at 190 and so far i dont have many sypmtoms. I only have a few br___t pains that are quick and sharp (lasting only about 30 seconds). Im very worried because im not sure if i would have expected my period on April 7th (28days) or April 10th (32days). My levels were done on tuesday and the doc said 1-2week catagory. Im very nervouse...anyone had an experiance like this? Please, any information would be great. Thank you, and baby dust to all!!


tryingx3 - April 14

Sounds like you are right on track for a very early pregnancy. 2-3 days difference knowing how long your cycle was wll only effect how they calculate your due date...many follow dating for a due date by a follow-up ultrasound. Make sense? I didn't have pg symptoms until probably into week 8 or 9, now 16.5 weeks...also symptoms would come and go and sometimes give me a scare!


Brenda M - April 14

If it makes you feel any better, if I didn't have this big bubble in front of me, I wouldn't have any clue I am pregnant! I'm (28) weeks today and never had any sickness or pains or acne or nausea. Every pregnancy is different--go with it and good luck!


Erynn21 - April 14

I'm like Brenda M if Ididn't have a big ol stomach I'd have no clue. I never had too many symptoms, you're also in really early stages. When I first was pg. I had 2 symptoms 1 being my b___sts literally changed shape(very weird) and I lost my curves at my waist instantly. I didn't really have too much else until a little later like fatigue and headaches, never was sick. I did get a cold because a lot of times your immune system will go down slightly because your body is doing so much else. Enjoy it so many women get concerned because they have no symptoms not everyone get's them. Good luck!!



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