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randi - October 11

im 19 weeks and 4 days all i do is pee. It wasnt that bad yesterday though but the other day at least 5 times in 4 houres or even more. I got out og the car had a little pressure and had to pee. I think the baby was moving around a little before. is this normal?


Holly - October 11

I go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. I am 19 weeks and my doc told me this is totally normal!


B - October 11

As long as there is no burning or anything you should be fine!


K - October 11

I'm 18 weeks and in the same boat! At work I want to move my computer in there lol.


randi - October 11

lol. Only if i had a tolit every where i went.


Jennifer - October 11

OMG thank you so much, I am not the only one, i read all the time that once your like 20 weeks you should not have to pee as much but let me tell you I am 19 weeks and I swear I shoud not bother to go to sleep at night, I wake up at least 2 or 3 times to pee, and during the day i pee so much! I have no burning, no sigh of infection, i just pee, Its sucks, it is nice to know that there are women like me who live in the bathroom!!


Ashley - October 12

Lol, you are not the only woman living in the bathroom!!!!!! It is so sad. I'm 21 weeks and I think it has to do with the baby's position. Maybe it jumps up and down on my bladder! Sometimes, I use the bathroom, come out and sit on the sofa and feel like I desperately have to go again!!!! *sigh* I too, am glad to know I'm not the only one in the second trimester that is still running back and forth all day!!!! :)


K - October 12

I wake up around every 2 hours at night to use the bathroom.


Blueyeskon - October 17

I'm 18 weeks and also had the same problem. At some weeks I have to pee too often, but not all the time. Are you drinking lots of fluids, constipated? sometimes it may be the cause. Hope everything goes well.


jessielouwho - October 17

I'm now 21 weeks, I have to pee all the time, I joked at work I should just move all my stuff to the bathroom. About a month ago my 10 yr old niece told me I need to carry a potty chair around on my back!


melissa - October 18

i am 21 weeks and all I have been doing for weeks and weeks is peeing! I have a terrible bladder normally and pregnancy has made life with my bladder even more interesting! I make sure I am never far from a bathroom!


Kelly - October 18

I got to the bathroom every two hours at night! It makes for a tired morning cause I don't get any sleep! I'm going ot have to start going to bed at 5:00 in the evening. I'm 16w2d



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