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momma87 - June 12

I'm trying to avoid low income housing, but would resort to it if I have to. Here it's like a $100 difference from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom and I'm not sure I will be able to afford a 2 bedroom . Is it really that weird if I gave my child the bedroom and I turn the living room into my bedroom? I'm not due until the end of September and I'm in the process of finding a job. After getting a job, I plan on saving every last penny so that I can move out of where I'm at since I can't stay here once I have my baby.


ThePezChick - June 12

I'm not in your situation; however, although we will set up a bedroom for our baby, my husband and I plan to keep him in the room with us for several months when we bring him home. It just seems easier for feedings and because we're first time parents. I'm sure I'd be too worried to sleep if he wasn't right there with me.


Betul - June 12

I agree with Pez Chick, there's no reason why the baby can't stay in your bedroom. It really makes everything much easier. Actually we have the room in our house (4/5 bedroom) but I can't image putting the baby in a separate room. Our three, soon to be four year old has always slept in the same room as us. Fortunetly, we have a huge master bedroom and his toddler bed took hardly no room. Don't worry, babies don't take up too much room! Good Luck


snugglybugglys - June 12

I agree too...with all my chilren I actually had them in the room with us until they were almost a year. And sleeping completely through the night. Even though it was only occasional that they did later on, still was just easier, and I think more comforting to them as well.


Susan W - June 12

We set up a separate room for the baby the first time and spent a lot of money on it, but it was MUCH easier to have the baby sleep in the same room -- and actually, in the same bed! This time around, I'm not bothering and saving an absolute fortune. Don't worry about it. Save your money. Buy an Arms Reach or similar type co-sleeper or basinett or even a crib and don't bother with the rest; we have an Arms Reach, but DS wouldn't sleep in it because he had to be with us. The room is for the parents' enjoyment anyway. The only thing I would say to spend some money on is a good rocking chair -- you spend a lot of time in it the first few weeks.


Mingill - June 12

My cousin had her son in her room for the first year. She shared a 2 bedroom apt. with another women who had a 2 year daughter (and they shared their room too). So, although you could give your son the bedroom, there is really no need to.


Perl - June 12

If you can fit a crib or ba__sinet in your bedroom then do that for a while. It gives you more time to save what you need for a 2 bedroom place when the time comes. I'm emptying out a room to make a nursery but honestly I don't think I'll let my baby out of my sight during nighttime for at least the first few months so I know it will be unused for a while anyway. A lot of women sleep in the same bed with their babies but the experts warn that it's a very bad idea because some parents have actually rolled over onto their babies and smothered them by accident while sleeping. I don't see anything wrong at all with low income housing--they tend to have more stringent rules because they are government subsidized, so it's good that you would consider that as as an option further down the road. You have to do what feels comfortable to you.


mindymay - June 12

i agree with pez chick. i lived in the same room with my mom untill i was 5.



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