Living In The Deep South

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Jennifer S. - June 14

Hey everyone. I am 22 weeks pregnant and living in South Louisiana. I guess because of the extra weight I can't bear this summer heat. I know that its bad every summer but it seems especially humid and hot. Anyone else live here or have this problem. If so what ki nd of deodarant do you use to stay dry, because nothing seems to work. Also is anyonw else having problems with breakouts on face and body? Thanks


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 14

Oh boy can I relate, I am 23 weeks pregnant living in south Texas. HOT HOT HOT!!!!! It is supposed to be 98-100 this weekend and of course about 100% humidity. It is always this time of year I ask myself why I live here, but then winter comes and it's all worth. No snow to shovel. I haven't found a deodarant that works well either. I try not to go out much during the heat of the day. Sometimes I just want to lay naked and have cold water sprayed on me. GL


Jennifer S. - June 14

I used to live inTexas too and its just as bad. I wish we could walk around naked because I definatly would right about now :)


HP - June 14

I'm 24 wk preg living in Southern California. Its still NOT that hot (experiencing June gloom these past weeks).. but already we have the air-con and fan on most of the time now. I don't look forward to the heat of July & August when I'm gonna be very pregnant :(


Jbear - June 15

I'm in San Antonio, and it seems like it's been summer here for months already. The only deoderant I've found that will work is Arrid. I'm thinking of moving into the swimming pool for the rest of the summer. About breakouts, I think that's just part of pregnancy for some of us. I was pregnant in winter last time and my face broke out so bad they tested me for lupus.


J - June 15

Have you ever tried certain dry? Im not sure if you can get it where you are maybe It is the best thing in the world. You put it on at night before bed and use it with your regular deoderant and it stops you from sweating it's great !


j - June 15

I know wal-mart has it and walgreens too.


D - June 15

I am living in Kentucky, so its not quite as humid as where you are... but its been plenty hot for a California girl! Thank goodness my office and house are both air conditioned, and I spend as little time outside as possible - at least until the sun drops behind the hill (please don't even think about what my gra__s looks like...)! The ONLY deoderant I have ever found that has worked for me (anytime of year) is Secret Solid Powder Fresh. I tried just about everything before I figured that out!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 15

Jbear, I am in san antonio too. Have you lived here all of your life or is the heat new to you. I have lived here always, you would think I would be used to it by now, but every summer it shocks me.


Jennifer - June 15

I live in South Georgia, and already it's hotter than two rats f---ing in a wool sock!!! I'm going to get through this summer by staying inside! Hubby and I are going on vacation end of July to St. Augustine. I'm starting to wonder if it's a good idea, but I feel like we need to go. You know our last vacation as a duo. J, thanks for the tip for certain dry. I'm going to try to find some.


Jennifer S - June 15

Thanks jbear for the advice about certain dry. I am going to try it. We has record high today for the year at 95 degrees and the air conditioner in one of my cla__ses gave out so fun fun.


Stacey - June 15

I am from south Alabama. Its only June and its in the mid to upper 90's. Its so hot its miserable. All I want to do is stay in my thin cotton nightgown and stay where the air conditioner is. I am due in September and have gained 25 pounds so far. My feet are starting to swell everyday.


LKJ - June 15

I'm in GA and it's HOT and STICKY here. Yuck. I happen to use my hubby's deo. I think it's Old Spice but don't quote me on that. It's red on the outside with either blue or white writing. I also think it may have a sailboat or some sail-thingy on it. I have to reaserch tonight and get back on it. Anyway, it works miracles!!! I never smell bad. Plus, it's a deodorant, NOT antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are the ones that contain some c___p that may cause Alzheimers and all sorts of health problems. But who knows if it's even true...


Jbear - June 15

Sonya, I've lived in San Antonio since I was 3, and Arizona before that, so I should be used to the heat too. But I think it's hotter this summer than it was in previous years. Don't we usually get some rain in June? Every summer I tell myself that I'm going to move somewhere cooler, but by the time I'm done paying off those summer CPS bills, I'm too broke to move.


Kim - June 16

I live in Southern CA and it's not as humid here but it does get HOT where I live in the summer, around 105 every day. I also work in sales and so I am in and out of a hot car all day long in a suit which makes it even tougher. So far we have not had that hot of weather but I am sure it's on it's way. I used to live on the east coast where it's very humid and I used a product called drysol at night which eliminated excess sweating when it was humid out. It's available at places like target but it has chemicals in it and I do not know if it's safe during pregnancy - I have not checked. While I am pregnant, I do not plan to use it but I will be drinking even more water than my normal 10-12 gla__ses a day. This seems to help keep me cool. I use ladie's mitchum clear deodarent as well and I have had no problems with this like I have had with other brands in the past. Good luck!


Jennifer S. - June 16

I used drysol before I got pregnant and it doesn't seem as effective since I have been pregnant (probley hormones). I bought the Certain dry last night and I hope it works better.


Jessica F. - June 16

I too live in the south however not as far south as you. southern NC. I too have noticed this summer as an especially hot and humid one. Makes it almost impossible to breath outside. So drink tons of water and use tons of sunscreen. I use Dove deoderant and have noticed it works best for me. Also I have always had problems with break outs on my face and alternate between benzoyl peroxide and syclicytic (sp) acid. ask your dr if they don't recommend it though. mine said anything like that is safe and harmless. Hope so cause i'm using it and have been through the whole pregnancy.



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