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cmfqueens - June 1

Hi all, Just wondering where everybody is from? And old will you be when you have your babies?


fefer1 - June 1

Seattle ,Washington and 32


cmfqueens - June 1

Orlando, Fl. I will about three weeks shy of my 25th birthday. I was 17 when I had Baby number one. My daughter will be a about a month and a half shy of eight.


pari - June 1

i am 24 .this is my first ....los angeles,CA


venus_in_scorpio - June 1

Albany, NY and I am 20... baby is due a few days before my 21st birthday. best present i could ask for. Maybe it will be a thanksgiving baby like I was...


18wbabynov - June 1

chicago, IL 19 and its my first baby


San_dee - June 1

new zealand, ill be 23 when this one is born, i was 21 when the first was born :-)


CamysMama - June 1

San Luis Obispo, California. I am turning 27 tomorrow! :o)


ThePezChick - June 1

Charlotte, NC I'll be 38 when my son arrives.


Lil_Mamma - June 1

White Rock, BC Canada - Baby is Due just before my 20th Birthday :)


MystinaAlise - June 1

Charlotte, NC... i just turned 21 and this will be my first biologically


ThePezChick - June 1

Mystina... I'm from Charlotte too. Hit me up if you want to. ([email protected]) Where do you hang out in town? If you're interested, my husband's band, Flashback Mary, is playing at the Philosopher's Stone Sunday around 4:00. If you make it keep an eye out for me. I'll probably be the only other pregnant chick there.


tatiana - June 1

san francisco, CA. 22 and this is my first


HannahBaby - June 1

East Greenbush Ny, 21, second baby 21 weeks


jnine29 - June 1

hello i'am from australia N.S.W and this is my 2nd pregancy i'am having twins and i will be 22 years old !!!:D


SuzieQ - June 1

victoria b.c. Canada :) I'll be 28 with my first on October 1st (plus or minus a few weeks :)


preggosauce - June 2

I'm originally from Washington state, now living on Oahu in Hawaii. This is my first baby, and she is due 2 weeks after my 26th birthday!



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