Looking For A Great Book On Newborns

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ThePezChick - April 18

This is my first baby. I've been reading a lot about pregnancy, what I'm going through, etc. A friend of mine encouraged me to start reading about "bringing the baby home" and babies in general since I'm a baby idiot. Anyone know of a REALLY good reliable book? I want one that I can turn to in moments of despair when I have no idea what to do or what's going on.


mcatherine - April 19

Everyone I know reads "What To Expect the First Year". It wasn't published when I had my first child and none of my subsequent pregnancies have made it that far, so I can't say for sure. Your doctor's office will be able to tell you some good ones. There's a lot of conflicting info out there, but don't worry - your mommy instincts will kick in. Congratulations!


bhouchen - April 19

I've got a great book that someone gave to me. It is the Illistation book of pregnancy and baby care. It was done by Good House keeping and shows all about what to expect throughout pregnancy and labor and then how to do basically everything with a baby once you get it home.


fefer1 - April 19

Best Baby on the Block... my u/s tech recommended it (she has a 3 month old). I haven't bought it yet but I'm going to!


Susan W - April 19

Depends on what your style is. I found I'm a very "natural" type of parent now, which is not what I thought I would be! By that I mean I thought we would have D sleep in a crib, but he sleeps with us, I am still nursing and had planned to stop at 12 months, I use cloth diapers and never ever envisioned that, I don't use a stroller but carry DS in a sling, so forth. No cry it out, all that jazz. LOL Anyway, I read the WTETFY and still refer to it sometimes, so it's a decent read. Lots of stuff in there about how to give baths and so forth, but definitely not helpful for b___stfeeding information. I like "Everything the First Year" but I ended up preferring the Dr. Sears books and many of the ones recommended by La Leche League (lalecheleague.org) because they fit my style. I do like the "Happiest Baby on the Block" too. I love Elizabeth Pantley's books, and she's got a couple on sleep and one called "Gentle Baby Care." If I had it to do over again, I'd go to the bookstore or the library and browse, seeing what attracts me and then choose books along those lines. But your instincts are your best bet to follow. You'll be OK :) I had never ever even held a baby for more than 10 minutes before I delivered baby #1!!


ThePezChick - April 19

Thanks Ladies! SUSAN--- Are you using a diaper service? I'm debating the cloth diaper issue. The thought of using disposable ones, especially considering the number you'll use through the preschool years, makes me sick. How is it going? Are you washing them yourself? Info please! Thanks!


Deb - April 19

"The Baby Whisperer" is excellent. It helps new mothers understand their babies and their babies cries and helps parents get their babies to sleep through the night. Everyone I know who has read it and followed it said that their babies were sleeping 5 - 6 hours through the night at 3 - 4 weeks old. I've read about half of it so far and it makes a lot of sense to me. I plan on following the suggestions when my baby is born.


Deb - April 19

Ok - I found the full t_tle "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with your Baby" by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau. Amazon.com has it for as little as $7.50 new.


Susan W - April 20

No, I wash my diapers at home. There isn't a service in our area, and besides, one is expensive. I got started by purchasing a deluxe sampler pack for about what I would have spent on 3 months worth of sposies from cottonbabies.com and seeing what I liked. I told myself I would use them for 3 months. If I didn't like them, I would sell them and go back to sposies, and I wouldn't have been out any money. And here we are, still CDing, 19 months later and planning for the next baby! . . . . I use a cold rinse to get the poop off and then run them on a hot wash with about half the amount of detergent needed then run them with an additional cold rinse. There's lots of info online regarding washing cloth diapers at home. . . . . I just found a new diaper called bumGenius, from cottonbabies, and I LOVE them!! I'm planning to sell everything I have (I have prefolds with covers, FuzziBunz, Wonderoos and other random brands) and just get those because they are even DH proof!! I am planning to use prefolds on our baby due in October for the first few weeks, since you have to change them so much at the beginning, but after that, it's all bG for us. . . . . There's a forum at cottonbabies where you can go and learn more too from moms who are CDing and ask specific questions. If you can find it, the book "Diaper Changes" was really helpful to me. Your local La Leche League may have it if you can't find it anywhere, and many of the members of LLL CD too and can help you . . . .Like you, I was disgusted by the number of diapers I was contributing to the trash where they don't really break down and I was astounded at how much money they were costing us a week. It's been a huge savings for us, even counting the extra load of laundry I do every day. And DS is starting to tell me when he's poopy, at just 19 months, so I'm hoping CDing will help speed us to potty-training . . . . . . .DEB, The funny part of parenting is you can read and read and say you're going to do X, Y and Z and then you have the baby, who has his/her own ideas :) lol. A friend of mine swore by the Babywise books, made me read them, but the advice did not work for us and actually made things a lot worse and much more stressful. You have to do what works for you and the baby. You'll be OK :)



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