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Erynn21 - May 28

My hubby actually felt the baby's head today, we were laying in bed and all the sudden the left side of my stomach got super hard. I grabbed his hand and was like feel this it must be her head, he definitely felt that. She just does not like to kick for an audience, only for me. It's just funny I'll get kick, kick, kick and be like here feel this and nothing. He doesn't seem too concerned, just happy she moves around a lot.


yourtrish - May 29

Hey..that's a great idea! I like McCatherine's idea about putting the quarter on your stomach and watching the baby kick it off. For some reason, my husband seems to have a calming effect on the baby and every time she's kicking up a storm and I try to let him feel her, she quiets down right away. I have noticed that you can actually SEE her moving now and sometimes catch my clothing jump out of the corner of my eye. I'm 26 weeks this week and also very excited for our upcoming baby shower in 2 weeks. I made my registry on babiesrus.com. Toys R Us has the most amazing system, you can set up your list online, and then go to the store and use a scanner to zap in more items or make changes...then you just send out your link and people can buy online or in any store location and the best part is their return policy...you can return pretty much anything, they're very flexible. We're well into the swing of things, getting the nursery ready, making most of the purchases (garage sales are out now...which is great!) and I'm definetly nesting. Next on my list is cleaning out the entire garage....my poor husband!


ITSABOY - May 30

Hi girls how is everyone?I went to the doc today and he said i am measuring a week ahead of what i am.So does that mean my due date has changed?Ok so here is the lowdown went to the doc first time due date sept 3rd.At 20 weeks he changed it to sept 3rd then i went back today 25 weeks he says i am measuring 2 weeks ahead of 25 weeks which would mean 27 weeks so how far along am i girls?


mcatherine - May 30

Itsaboy, just because you're measuring 2 weeks ahead, doesn't mean they'll change your due date - just means the baby is big. My little one is measuring big, too. Hang on to September 3rd unless they tell you different. Maybe baby will come early!!!



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