Lopsided Belly

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lea1 - December 21

hi guys just wonderin if i can pick ur brains...i was laid flast on my back this am lookin at my belly and noticed up to my navel that the left side was higher than the other. then i felt like wierd movement inside not a kick or n e thing like hardening on side and feeling my skin raise,...was nice but strange....is this were our baby is laying in my belly....im 16 weeks n didnt think id be experiencing this yet. thank u! x


Skyeblue - December 21

It's you baby's b___t....I think : )


HeatherIsHopeful - December 21

I heard somewhere its babys head *shrug* I dont really know but (usually in the morning) my left side is a bit bigger too... interesting :)


Jessicab3 - December 21

It's definately the way the baby is laying, could be the b___t or the head sticking out a little, hard to say which ; )


Cevvin - December 21

you'll notice as you get bigger that you can feel where your babies head b___t back are and wehere they are not. its strange but you get used to it.


EricaG - December 21

In the beginning like this the uterus can lay more to one side than the other. As you get bigger though, and there's less room, it evens out.


Babycrazy - December 21

I have noticed my stomach is bigger on the right side all the time, not sure if thats like what EricaG is saying or maybe the baby just lies that side? Either way it's kinda creepy! I am sure it will even out when I get bigger, at least I hope it does!!!


another Karen - December 22

I seem to always be on my right side too, I've wondered if where the placenta is might affect this too.


HeavenisMine - December 22

I started getting a lopsided belly when I was fifteen weeks pregnant. I would lay a certain way or try and get up and began noticing some strangeness in my stomach. It gets stranger when you get bigger. By the time I was at term I could feel where her heels back and b___t were. It's cool!


sarah21 - December 22

My belly was larger on the right side for quite a while. It eventually evens itself out. Even now at 27 weeks, when my little girl is all squished on one side, it looks pretty evenly bulged.


pomny143 - December 23

I had the same thing at that stage. Even to today (24 weeks) she is always on my left side. You can actually feel her now. My right side is mush and my left side is hard. I guess she likes my left side better. Yup, she is a picky girl already!



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