Losing Focus

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Mirdarly - October 12

hey there :) I;m a new mom and I am 13weeks. Just wondering if any other moms out there are feeling as scatterbrained as I am. Forgetting little things and feeling like they can't focus sometimes?


sahm2alaj - October 12

Yes, I have a bad case of preggo brain! Not only am i super forgetful, but in the midst of a conversation i will completely forget what word i am trying to say!!


corbin289 - October 12

I'm the same way! I feel like a complete scatter brain!


JoJo123 - October 12

Ha,ha - people told me that you get pregnancy dumbs and i didn't believe it until last week. We were supose to go to one of my good friend wedding and reception. I read the invitation I bet 5 times and while on the way to the wedding at 2:00 for a 2:30 wedding, I read the invitaiton again and the wedding started at 2:00. I felt so bad! I've been told it's normal and not to worry. I'm usually on top of everything and forget nothing, I can barely remember what story I'm telling while I'm telling it sometimes.


cayingo - October 12

I am in my 19th week, and this phenomenon has officially struck me. For the past week I have stopped mid-sentence while searching my brain for not only the word I need, but a reminder of the topic at hand. It's terrible.I am an elementary school teacher and am having a very difficult time concentrating, which doen't bode well for someone in my profession. I now have total empathy for my ADD kids. It's so uncontrollable and frustrating. I hope it goes as soon as it came... What were we talking about??? LOL


pomny143 - October 12

You are not alone...as you can see. My first pregnancy was nothing like this. I actually made sense then. LOL. I swear, I am useless! I can't remember a thing. I mix up dates and times and sometimes even have trouble completing a darn sentence. It is like having Alzheimers for crying out loud! Well , hopefully it wil all go away after birth. (If it doesn't, boy am I in trouble!) LOL



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