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clindholm - June 24

I posted this under General Pg, but did not get much of a response, so I apologize for the double post. I have had a voracious appet_te since I have become pregnant, but yesterday it suddenly stopped. Is this a cause for concern? I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and don't know if I should call the doc. I'm just so worried that something has happened to the baby. Thanks


ejmeskan - June 24

I wouldn't think it would be a cause for concern but then again I haven't had that happen to me. Maybe call the doc? I would think that could just be the hormones messing around


FinallyPreggers - June 24

clindholm, my appet_te comes and goes. I'm so big I can no longer eat a big meal. I think my stomach has no room anymore. Might this be the case for you? I eat little 'meals' every few hours. By 14-15 weeks I lost all my extra pregnancy weight. I asked the doctor and he wasn't worried about me, but I've had a complicated pregnancy. I certainly felt better asking my doctor. If it will make you feel better to ask, I'd recommend asking.


clindholm - June 25

Thanks for the help girls. I have an appointment on Friday and will ask then. I just didn't know if it was something I should call about rather than waiting. Finally- I'm sorry you're having a difficult pregnancy. I have had a few issues so far, but not bad. My last pg was difficult so I guess I just worry alot.


caseyann - June 29

Hey clindholm ! I had this happen to me too. At about the same point where you are I lost my appet_te, there were a few days where I wasnt as bad, but some days especially when I was working I would forget to eat all day... but trust me when I got farther along, past 21 weeks my appet_te hit me like a freight train! I am now about 28 weeks and still have some days where I am not as hungry.. but through my pregnancy this has been normal. I would definently talk to your doc though just to be sure. Best of luck to you!!!


clindholm - June 30

Thanks caseyann, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.


ebaby08 - June 30

Im almost 16 weeks and havent had much of an appet_te since my HORRIBLE morning sickness ended at 12 weeks. I've only gained two pounds in total so far! Nobody seems to be worried! I just try to eat what i can and take in all the calories i can! But i hear of all these pregnant women with a crazy appet_te, and im just like, I wish i had that!



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