Loss Of Twin In Second Trimester

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leotty - January 20

I had my 20 week ultra sound to check on my twins and find the s_xes. Early in my pregnance we had some mild bleeding, they found some blood behind baby A but not enough to be alarmed. Had an additional ultra sound 2 weeks later and all was looking great with the developement of the twins. Two weeks ago we had our 18 week check up . There were two different strong heartbeats, again all was going well. When we had the ultra sound there was only one baby. Absolutly no signs of the second. I had no bleeding, cramping or passed any type of tissue. We were shocked and very upset. Both the ultra sound tech and the doctor said the loss of a twin this far along is extremely rare. Could someone tell me how a twin could just vanish. All this happened yesturday so Im still wanting so many answeres.


K - January 20

How horrible for the two of you, I can't imagine how terrifying this must be. Did the tech actually see the second baby during that first ultrasound? I can understand a doppler heartrate check possibly being wrong, maybe mistaking your heartbeat for a second baby? But if a multiple pregnancy was actually confirmed by an ultrasound, and you had no signs of miscarraige(especially discharge) then I would say the only explanation is that one of the twins did not develop properly. There would have to be some sort of sign of an undeveloped fetus, however, but at this point, it may just be that it's in a difficult place to see with an ultrasound. I'm so sorry, this must be heartbreaking for you. I'm sure your doctor will want to continue with some other kinds of tests now, I hope you find the answers you need to help this situation make some sort of sense for you. Your in my prayers, and you have my deepest sympathy.


Melanie - January 20

Leotty, I don't have any helpful information, though I hope you receive some answers that help this all make a bit more sense. What a shock - my heart goes out to you.


L - January 20

First of all, I want to extend my sympathy to you on what must a very difficult experienced. Secondly I wanted to comment that It would be very rare for an 18-20 old fetus to disappear. Often times the body does reabsorb the tissue so we don't see pa__sing of tissue, but still, it would take longer than 2 weeks for the fetus to pa__s away and the reasborption to be complete. Is it possible that the missing twin is hiding behind the other baby?


Kaye - January 21

I'm so sorry for what you are going through, Leotty. All I can think of is the same as K, that maybe the sonogram picked up your heartbeat, not the second twin. Did they measure other things like fundal height etc? Apparently "vanishing twin syndrome" can happen anytime in the first trimester, and would normally have gone unnoticed in the days before early ultrasound. To lose one this late you would think you'd have to have some evidence of the second baby. Did either the doctor or the tech suggest where it might be? They say the loss of a twin this far along is extremely rare, but I think they are omitting the "where did it go" answer and hoping you don't realise that either their equipment or training in hearing heatbeats is faulty. There are a lot of sites about dealing with the loss of a twin before term if you search for them. Let me know if you need help finding some and I'll do it for you. Hang in there and try to be strong for the healthy little one inside you now. Good luck.



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