Lotion Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

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Impatient - November 27

I've heard that putting lotion on your belly every day helps to prevent stretch marks. Can anyone recommend a specific brand as being really effective?


Happymommy - November 27

Some people swear by cocoa b___ter or other types of lotions, but if you are destined to get stretch marks you'll probably get them no matter what. But maybe lotion can help to minimize them. I personally like Aveeno--I still have stretch marks, though :0)


sterlinberlin05 - November 27

Well when I was pregnant with my son I really didn't wany stretch marks so I religously put lotion on my belly every day after the shower and befor bed. Now I have to say that I don't have a single one on my belly BUT I never thought about my thighs and love handles and b___bs. Anyhow put it every where!!!! I used a cocoa b___ter and an almond kind from The Body Shop. If you don't have a store by you they have a web site. It's actually called body b___ter and comes in a little tub but I think it worked and it smells sooooo good.


renaye - November 27

hi all i have been useing a oil called aprictot oil it is great i use it all over my body and also on the bit that part that might rip/tear down there when you have baby it soften the skin and makes it stretchy but i also use lotions all the time i guess that trying every thing is better the nothing at all~


Astra - November 27

I like burt's bees belly b___ter. It smells really nice and is 95% natural.


Impatient - November 28

Thanks guys- I'll have some things to request for my stocking now :)


pomny143 - November 29

I use palmer's lotion. You can find it at any maternity clothing store or at your local CVS/Genovese ect. It smells nice and is made especially for stretch marks. It works well also!


Faye84 - November 29

I put lotion on my belly a million times a day when I was pregnant, didnt help a bit. I think it has more to do with your genetics, if your prone to getting strechmarks theres really nothing you can do.


Faye84 - November 29

Ive heard cocoa b___ter works though.


xvkx - November 29

I like Skin Milk body cream because it's got just about everything you can put in to a cream/lotion. Vitamin A, E, D, milk, protein, avocado oil, and white lily and comfrey extracts (which help with itchy skin).


corbin289 - November 29

I'm prego with #3 and I have used Vit. E oil with all three. I know for me it works really well. I agree genetics have alot to do with it but I do think if you keep your skin well moisturized and gain weight at a steady pace it does help. Not always as easy to do as said :)


Rachel29 - December 1

My mother-in-law swears that olive oil works wonders, but I've been using the Palmers lotion, which I LOVE. It's amazing, and makes your skin really soft, and like pomny says, you can get it at any maternity store.


fefer1 - December 1

I tried Palmers but ended up using Bath and Body's body cream instead. MMM...they smell so yummy! Never got any stretch marks despite gaining 60 pounds. Maybe it was genetics, maybe it was the cream...we'll see what round two does. :) Oh, I used baby oil too on occasion.



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