Loud Noise Will It Harm My Baby

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mommatx - May 5

Last night I went to a concert. This was very last minute, as I was given free tickets about an hour before the show. I wasnt very concerned because I read that the baby doesnt begin to hear noises outside the womb until about 20 weeks, and today I am just entering my 14th week. After the concert, I began to question whether or not my information was correct. The music was very loud (it was a rock concert) and there were occasional pyrotechnic blasts. Should I be concerned about the level of noise my baby was exposed to? or maybe the vibrations? It is worrying my more as the day goes by. The music lasted an hour and a half.


Evonna - May 5

Well since your baby isn't fully developed, where he/she cannot hear a thing so it's okay. The vibrations will also not affect the baby as well. I would probably be more concerned if my baby was 22 weeks and is able to hear, because i also worry if loud music will harm the my baby since she is able to hear and i don't want to kill her ear drums with loud music.


Lacey - May 5

I was wondering about this too. I had no clue noise could hurt the baby until just yesterday. I am now 21 weeks along, but when I was 19 weeks I was helping my father in law on the ranch and we where doing some bombing. The noise was extreamly loud. Do you think I have ruined my babys hearing? I am so scared now.


Susan W - May 5

I went to a concert during my first pregnancy at 8.5 months, and there was no damage to my child. I thought *I* would be damaged from all the kicking he did!! I wouldn't worry about it. The uterus is a very loud place anyway with all the background noise of our bodies going on.


mommatx - May 5

Thank all of you for your help. It is much appreciated.


jenrodel - May 5

Good question - i've been wondering the same thing... there are a couple concerts I am wanting to see this summer, and wasn't sure whether or not I should... hopefully it's alright, because I would love to be able to go! (And take baby to his/her first concert!)


Erynn21 - May 6

I have read that exposing your baby to loud noises in the womb helps with loud noises in life. So I try to make my dog bark around my belly and such, last night I went out dancing and the music was pretty loud my little girl just kicked up a frenzy, I think she already likes latin music. Cool, she already has good taste.


divinelibra - May 7

i agree with Erynn21. loud noises are soothing for baby. turn the volume up all the way and put thick pillows over your ears. it would be very muffled noises you hear and baby would probably hear 1/2 of that. i also worked with a girl a few months back that brought her baby to work. and the ONLY way we could get him to nap would be turning on some LOUD music. he pa__sed out for hours. and when i'm driving in my car i turn the music loud as it goes. lol. he kicks SO hard! i love it! he's gonna be a rocker!


ThePezChick - May 7

I have a book on the day-to-day development of your baby. It says at 18 weeks, where I am now, the baby can hear the mom's heartbeat and voice. It's not until about 20 weeks that he/she can hear outside voices and music. Let's hope loud noises (music in particular) don't bother or harm babies. My husband's in a band and we constantly go to shows... not to mention all the music around our house!



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