Low Amniotic Fluid

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heather - January 27

h__lo ladies well im 21 weeks and 3 days today and when i had my 20 week ultrasound a week ago no one told me that my amnotic fluid was low. so when i went to my doctors apptment today my doc told me about it. he told me not to worry but it really does not sound good. he said i need another ultrasound at my next apptment.. have any of you ladies had this and it was ok.. the doctor said maybe the technican that was doing the ultrasound maybe did not take good pictures.. i donno.. any input i would love thank you.


Camilla - January 27

Heather, I had slightly low fluid with one of my babies. It meant I needed more monitoring, so more u/s. Amniotic fluid levels change, they certainly can replenish themselves naturally again and next time all could be perfect. I read a story about a sudden gush of amniotic fluid after an amnio but even there the woman's body was actually able to make up enough liquid over time and the baby was thankfully okay. So, once low, not always low. But they will also want to make sure you'te not continuously leaking small amounts of fluid. If you notice any leakage and you are sure it's not urine, tell your doc. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between amniotic fluid and other types of fluid though.. In my case I ended up being induced at 38 weeks because there seemed to be small amounts of ongoing leaking and in the end they decided it was best to get her, rather than monitor me several times a week towards the end. Everything went well and she was fine. When is your next appointment? All the best!!


melanie - January 27

Hi Heather. with my first son I was told I had low fluid during an ultrasound around 28 weeks. I had to have regular monitoring and non stress tests twice a week. then twoard the end of 37 weeks I was told the water was dangerously low and that my son was going to be extremly small, around 5lbs. well they induced me at 38 weeks I had plenty of water and my son was 8lbs. so I think sometimes they can make mistakes. My son is now 4 years old and this problem didnt cause him any problems. But alot of people are told they have low water, they just need more monitoring, but are likely to have a healthy baby.


heather - January 27

thank you for responding. my next appointment is on the 27th of next month. and i will be about 25 weeks.. so i dont know i just want my baby to be healthy and have no problems so thank you again.


Nina - January 27

Heather, are you drinking lots of water? At least 64oz a day, more if you drink any caffeinated drinks. I've read that not enough water consumption can cause low amniotic fluid, worth a try anyways if your consumption is lower than that. All the best to you.


heather - February 5

thank you nena i will try that.



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