Low BP Anyone

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pomny143 - October 7

Hi all. I have always had low BP (90/60). At my last doctors appointment ,she said that during prgnancy it usually goes up. Mine is still the same. Maybe it was just me, but she looked concerned and said that she would keep an eye on it. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else. I am in my 13th week and feeling ok., but I am a little worried. Thanks.


swollenangel - October 8

Hi Pomny! have the same problem... have alwys had low bp, but with the pg it has decreased somewhat... to the point where i HAV to snack alot and i cant stand in queues for too long or i start getting dizzy and blackout... scary for me & now dh is totally paranoid! I've had so many blood tests done now - my dr isnt too concerned, cos everything else is perfect-my vitamin levels are perfect and I hav no signs of anemia! I'm 21wks, 3days & hav been to doc twice cos of it, but he says there is nothing he can do/give me for it... but I'm managing it so far...by not going without eating for more than an hour or 2, for the most & not being on my feet for too long periods of time! I figured id my doc isnt too concerned, then i wont be either... hope that helps! Good luck =)


Tory1980 - October 8

Some peoples blood pressure goes up some don't. My friend had the same BP as you for the whole pregnancy and her son is fine and well. My blood pressure is always 110/60 or 120/70 and never above or below it and that had been the same through all my pregnancies (3) and this one is going the same. Low blood pressure isn't a real concern especially at this stage in pregnancy other than it can make you dizzy or even cause you to faint. Just eat and drink regulary and don't stand for long periods of time. If your blood pressure is still quite low later in the pregnancy then there can be a cause for concern for the baby not getting enough oxygen but it is a rare thing and I wouldn't worry for now.


sarah21 - October 8

Yep, other ladies gave good advice. It is just expected for your blood pressure to go up because your blood volume increases by 50%! That is a ton more blood than normal, flowing through the same ol' veins. High blood pressure seems to be a more common problem. But until your Dr. tells you to worry about it, don't. I know, easier said than done.


pomny143 - October 8

Thanks guys..now I know that I'm not the only one it makes me feel better. You guys are great. I'm so glad I found this site! YEAH!


jaa - October 8

Hi Pommy. I'm having the same concern with low bp; it's actually lower than pre-pregnancy. I guess it's not a problem for most people since heart rate/pulse usually increases in pregnancy, and that compensates for the bp drop. (Non-pregnant women's resting rate should be 60-80, but in pregancy it should increase to 80-100, my doctor tells me.) My problem is that my heart rate has dropped along with my bp. OB and cardiologist think this is strange, but still waiting for results from the 24-hr monitor. How has your heart rate been? Maybe yours is high enough to compensate for low bp? Anyone experience the low bp/low heart rate combo?


pomny143 - October 8

Jaa. Thanks for responding. I will be going to the doc on Friday, so I will ask about my HR. I haven't felt any difference ( I dont think) but I will ask just in case. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I hope all goes well with the monitor. Keep me posted ok? I'll let you know on Friday, how the appointment went. Do you think 14weeks is too early to tell the s_x? I'm dying to know!


January - October 9

Try drinking more water.. low bps are usually a sign of dehydration. Try drinking some extra water for an hour leading up to your appt and I guarantee it will go up.


jaa - October 9

Pomny, let me know if that water trick works for you... I drink tons of water (pee almost clear, tmi), but I will keep drinking more if I need to.


jaa - October 12

Pomny, any news from your appt?


Cevvin - October 14

My bp has always been low, and stayed low with my 1st pregnancy, for the exception of one very stressful week of birthdays and baby showers HA HA. Good luck, and congratz


pomny143 - October 14

Hi jaa, I did try the water trick, and sorry to say, it didn't work. My bp was still 90/60. The only thing the water did was make me have to pee, A LOT! But thanks for the input, and for keeping in touch. How is everything with you going?


jaa - October 15

Pomny, well, I guess as long as the OB's not worried, it must be okay... no news is good news in this pregnancy thing, right? I try to tell myself that, since I'm still waiting on results from the 24-hr monitor... Oh, any word on gender? I wonder if it is still too early? We didn't find out until 18 weeks (girl--yipee!), but I'm pretty sure they can tell earlier than that in the right circ_mstances. I'll be watching for the news!


pomny143 - October 19

Hi jaa, Went to the doc last Friday and they said it was still to early to tell. She said that she wouldn't tell me until week 20!!! I'm gonna go nuts by then. LOL. Congrats on the girl. That's what I am hoping for, along with my 8 yr old son if you can believe it. He says that he wants me to have a girl so she won't play with his stuff! Boy, is he in for a surprise huh? Well I'll keep you informed! Bye.


Jen F - November 12

Hi all! I was told I had low blood pressure (I'm just starting 2nd trimester). I was told to try to have a bit more caffeine and salt. This is of course because they (midwives) know my diet and see that I don't drink any coffee or pop and have low salt intake. If you have low blood pressure and already have a high caffeine and/or salt diet, then I'd be careful and ask your doctor/midwife specifically.


EricaG - November 12

If I were you wouldn't worry abouy it. My BP is very low - usually in the 80's over the 50's. It stayed the same in my pregnanvy with my daughter up until the third trimester then it started to rise a little. Make sure you stay hydrated :o)



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