Low Kicks

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Louise - November 7

I am currently 20 weeks and I feel the baby kick everyday. All of the kicks seem to be very low. They actually feel like they are hitting my bladder. Is it normal to not feel the kicks higher???


Camilla - November 7

Sure it's normal. Your baby is probably still head up. Sometime later it will likely move head down, then you'll feel the kicking higher up. Of course sometimes (while they're still smallish) they summersault all over the place, so you can feel the kicks everywhere. It's so exciting you can feel the baby kick, I'm still waiting but I"m only 16 weeks..


Marlene - November 7

Its perfectly fine. It just depends on how your baby is laying.


B - November 7

Hi. I am 27 weeks and I still get kicked very low. I just recently started to feel movement at my belly b___ton but nothing further up yet.


Tess - November 7

Im very jealous to all of you ladies....Im only 12w3d and I can't wait to feel my baby's 1st kick. Awwwww I think its wonderful that you get to bond w/ your baby eventhough theyre still inside you. GoodLuck!


SHAY - November 7

Hi Louise i won't to know the same thing because my baby kicking low by my bladder and sometime it be hard sometime i'm six months pregnant but baby will turn by seven months or by time your due date but i know how it is. keep me update by the kicks. [email protected] what is your due date?


Dana - November 7

the baby could be pushing it's head onto your bladder which feels like being kicked. At my 20 week u/s she said the baby's head was so low it was pushing on my bladder. then he started kicking his legs out and pushing on it even harder. Low flutters and squirmies could indicate that it's a BOY.


M - November 8

My little one doesn't understand that my bladder is rather sensitive and decides to kick it when it's full. But I swear it's had happy pills sometimes and goes on a kicking spree, kicking everywhere and to the stage that my stomach is bouncing around. I'm 24 weeks now, but with some people there may be more padding etc up further on the stomach and that may be why your not feeling it yet. You will eventually. Enjoy it while it's not kicking your ribs.


Terra - November 8

It's all in the position of your baby.. I just started my 20th week, and yesterday morning, I felt kicks up at my belly b___ton, then she worked her way down, and by the time I was in for my ultrasound she was kicking down at my cervix.. .At this point they have so much room to move around, as long as your feeling movement, and keep getting bigger, that is the most important thing!



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