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vani - December 1

i am pragnent and 21 weeks and 6 days .i having low lying placenta.Kindly advice me what is this and how to avoid this


bean - December 1

How did you find this out? Did the tech tell you during your u/s? I also had a low-lying one, until I peed. It was just the pressure of the full bladder pushing the placenta down. The tech said that had it been truly low-lying, they would monitor it to make sure there was room for everything in there. Vani- can you give more info on if you're really diagnosed or how you know?


Natalie - December 1

there is no way to avoid a low lying placenta, it just happens. instead of the placenta being high up above your baby its actually underneath him/her. if the placenta is too low it can cover the cervix. this can cause bleeding throughout pregnancy. if the placenta is too far over the cervix, a c-section would HAVE to be done, as they would not deliver the baby alive without one. however, the placenta can move up during the second and third trimester, thus allieviating the problem and giving you the option of a natural birth. this is why the condition is monitored


Allie - December 2

Hi Vani, I had the same thing at my u/s at 21 weeks. I'm going to talk to my doctor about this next appointment. I have been reading, and it says that you shouldn't worry about it because it's still to soon to tell if it will cause a problem. Most of the time the placenta will move forward as the baby grows. I read that 99% of women with low lying placenta go into have their babies without a problem. There's nothing you could do to correct the problem, just pray to God that He will take care of your baby as He has done so far :)


stephanie - December 3

Last weekend I had unaccidently hit myself in stomache caused bleeding went to ER and they did ultrasound they siad I had low laying placenta as well. And my doctor I see this dec 5th & he siad he wasnt doing ultra should I still ask him to do one then??


bump - December 3



lucienne78 - December 4

Low lying placenta is called placenta previa. I've been spotting since about 10 weeks and I was finally diagnosed with placenta previa when I was 16 weeks. I just had my 20 week u/s and they said that it seems to moving up, but I still have it. My doctor told me not to exercise and whenever I have a chance, lie down on my side. This can cause miscarriage or hemorrhaging if you're not careful, so try not to do anything strenuous. It does move 99% of the time, but as long as its lying low, you need to just take it easy. My next ultrasound is on 12/29 to see if my placenta has moved, so my doctor is following up with it. But please don't worry about it, because 99% of the time, it does move so there won't be any complications during labor.


P P - December 4

Hi Vani, I was told i had a low lying placenta as well at my 18 week ultrasound. I saw my obstetrician on Sat 12/03 and he said i will have an ultrasound at 32 weeks to see if it has moved. He thinks it may have as when he used his ultrasound machine to check the baby's heartbeat he said the baby was starting to move so that his/her head was slowly moving into position (head down), therefore he thinks that it looks like the placenta has moved. He said not to worry about it all and the ultrasound will show if it has. So don't worry about it at the moment as all it means is if it still low you will hace to have a c section, but you and the baby will be healthy and that is the main thing.



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