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stephanie - December 20

Hi everyone! I am 18 weeks pregnant today! I went to my obgyn today & she told me that from the last us that I had that my placenta seems to be really low. I am scared that I will get placenta praevia. Has everone had this? I know it is too early to tell if I will definately get it. Can you please explain your experiences with this if you have had it . Thank you for your input!


karen - December 20

I just posted this same question last week and noticed that someone else did a few days ago, so you're not alone! I am 22 weeks and they said I should come back in at 28-30 weeks for another u/s to see if it changed. From what I've read, in most cases the placenta moves up, and since you're only 18 weeks, I wouldn't worry.


JennyC - December 20

Yes, everytime I've had an u/s, the doc has mentioned how low my placenta is too. But its not covering the cervix, so they say its OK. you're not alone and it is something I've been concerned about too. BTW, my baby is kicking like crazy right now! I guess she says Hi!


stephanie - December 20

thank you for the info. my doctor said i will need to go back for another u/s at 28-30 weeks also.


Jodi - December 21

Hi, I'm 22weeks and I had my u/s at 18 weeks, I also have a low lying placenta. It's really not a bad thing, they just have to watch it b/c if it doesn't move then you will have to do a c-section instead of a natural birth. Unless you were dead set on the natural birth it's not so bad really. I don't care myself either way I just want my baby to be safe. I have to go back and get another us when I will be 25 weeks. Just look at it this way at least you get to have another u/s and see you baby again. I do hope that it moves up with my uterus yes, but I would have only gotten the one u/s otherwise, so I guess I'm just trying to make light of the situation. Good luck and God Bless!



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