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annie24 - June 4

Hi i was wondering if someone could help me out here.i went for my first antenatal apt last wk when i was almost 15 weeks.had an ultrasound that day and the woman doing scan said nothing throughout the scan.every time i lifted my head to try to look at screen she told me to lie back hence i did not see a thing...anyway.....all she said was ring this place at 34 weeks to book a scan,saw the doc after that and she said oh you have to book a scan for 34 weeks...bye. i then looked at my notes and found out that i have low lying placenta, low on the posterior wall.i am so angry that no one even told me this or explained anything.Sometimes i think ireland is stuck in the dark ages!! Does anyone know anything about low lying placenta and what does it mean. thanks!!!


kelley32 - June 4

I had a low lying placenta, but it ended up moving up ... 15 weeks is still too soon to tell if it will stay that way ... just be glad that it's not covering your cervix ... and worst case scenario, you'll be taken off work earlier than normal and have to have a c-section, but it won't hurt the baby in any way.


flower.momma - June 4

Yeah, I've heard that, a lot of the time, the placenta ends up "migrating" so that a normal-positioned one may end up low, and a low-positioned one may end up high. The only complication I've heard of is if a part of the placenta is covering the cervix, and then it may be very dangerous for the baby during delivery, as they'll be blocked for an exit, and will be deprived of oxygen and nutrients if the placenta is delivered first. Since they've seen it, the worst case scenario is that you'll have to have a c-section. The doctor probably didn't want to scare you, as there is a good chance that the placenta may move up.


iakram - June 5

Hi Annie, the ladies are right. Nothing to worry about. actually i found out that i had a low lying placenta after i spotted twice in two weeks. the last sport the blood was bright red and there was a lot. naturally i freaked and this was at 16 weeks. found out the i have a low lying placenta. i have an u/s on on tuesday [tomorrow] to find out if it's moved up. I'll be around 32 weeks. i have not spotted since the last time back at 16 weeks - but like the other ladies have said that if you spot get this checked out. try not to lift heavy things.


annie24 - June 5

hi all, thanks very much for your responses.....they really have put my mind at ease,freaked out a little when i saw what was written in my notes without being told.hope you all have a smooth pregnancy.....and labor if thats possible!!!



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