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sarahnicolesmom - February 5

Hello .. I'm currently 23w6d along, and I was told yesterday I have a low lying placenta. They said that It should move by week 32. Also my baby is in breech position, which I know she still has plenty of time to change her position. What has me really worried is the low lying placenta. has anyone had this and have it move in time for delivery? Any complications? I know my doc said no s_x until further notice (my DH is soooo happy, lol) but he knows is for my safety and the baby's well being. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Belly rubs to all!


softbreeze200 - February 5

I am sorry, but this is my first and I have no experience with this, but a girlfreind justhad her baby on Sun and she had the same thing. Her placenta moved no worries and her dr. had given her some movements to do to her belly to help try and turn baby around and it seemed to work just fine. Her son came out as he was supposed to!! I am sure all will be fine and your little girl will do the same! I wish you all the best!! :)


sarahnicolesmom - February 5

thank you very much -- that helps a lot ---


cors1wfe - February 5

Sarah - I had that with my first baby -- mine did clear up in plenty of time - and at 23 weeks your baby is still going to move around like crazy ...I was on the no s_x as a result of it - worse case scenario is a c-section -- which I know you would be disappointed but you would both be safe and sound.


ROBYN - February 5

I had this and it moved by week 28 i am currently 36 weeks dont worry its like a 1% chance that it wont move by the end of the pregnancy.


sarahnicolesmom - February 5

Thank you all so much for all your posts .. it's been a big relief to hear all those positive stories...belly rubs to all!


beckyttc#3 - February 5

Hi! I had this with my 2nd pregnancy. At my 28 week ultrasound it was still low, but my ob sent me again at 35 weeks and my placenta was way up at the top of my uterus! HUGE change in those 7 weeks... so don't give up. When you go for another ultrasound, ask how many cm it is away from your cervix.... the rule of thumb is that your placenta should be 2 centimetres away for a safe delivery. The ob I am seeing in this pregnancy told me that in 30 years as an ob he has only done 2 c-sections for a low lying placenta.... but doing ultrasounds for checking on them paid for his backyard pool! I know it's still scary, but the worst case scenario is usually a planned c-section........ which really isn't a bad thing when you still get a healthy baby!


RMC - February 5

I have a low lying placenta too, actually mine went from partially covering at 17 weeks, to fully covering at 24 weeks. I was already a repeat c section, so I already know I'll be doing that. Other than that, I have been able to have no s_x since Oct (I know, horrible, huh? Lol) and I'm hoping mine moves too.


beckyttc#3 - February 5

sarahnicolesmom - Do you know if your placenta is low lying, partial previa or total previa? My ob told me low lying means just that.... it's low but not over the cervix. RMC - is yours considered total placenta previa then? I didn't know it could actually go from partially over to completely over. I'm curious as I'm pregnant with my third, and a scan at 10 weeks revealed my placenta was low, but not over my cervix. He also told me at 10 weeks there's only so many places a placenta can be when everything is still so small.... I don't think he would have even said anything, but I asked as my last one was "low lying".


sarahnicolesmom - February 6

beckyttc#3 -- actually my ob just said it was low -- he didn't mention anything about it covering the cervix, he just said that if it didn't move away that we would have to schedule a c-section. So I'm thinking it is covering at least part of the cervix. I have another appointment on Feb. 25 I will be almost 27w along, hopefully by then it might have changed. RMC--no s_x since October -woooow!!lol -- I'm with you on that horrible journey. Let's just think its for our own and our baby's well being. This too shall pa__s!!!!!!!!!


xvkx - February 6

It's funny you brought this up... I had a partial placenta praevia myself at 24 weeks, and just got back from my 27 week ultrasound... it turns out that it's no longer there and the placenta is now exactly where it should be! :D I was really worried about it though as well... even though they say only about 2% don't move upwards. As for the breech position, she will probably change positions quite a bit until delivery time... mine has changed his position quite a bit as well. Right now he's breech, two weeks ago he was head down. Like someone else here said, if she's breeched near delivery time they can usually turn her around as well. Oh, low lying placenta usually means a marginal placenta praevia (close to the cervix), but they could've meant partial (partially covering cervix) as well as it's pretty unusual to put a woman on bedrest/pelvic rest if she only has a marginal.


sarahnicolesmom - February 7

Thank you all for your support. I don't know what I would have done without you guys!!



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