Low Lying Placenta At 12 Weeks

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sam76 - January 22

Hi, I Started Cramping and bleeding this morning, had a scan this afternoon was told that everything was ok with the baby but i have a low lying placenta, was told that it should move up by my next scan at 20 weeks, has anybody else had this and what was the outcome. Any advice would be greatx


ROBYN - January 22

Its very common mine moved up by 28 weeks about 1% dont so its more rare that it wont move up you should be fine.


ShoppingForTwo - January 22

At my 12 weeks NT scan my doc mentioned that my placenta was low. I totally freaked out. I get another scan this Friday and then my BIG u/s on Feb 1st so we will soon see if it has moved up yet or not. Hopefully it has :)


EricaG - January 22

At my 20 week ultrasound they said that I had a low lying placenta. I have to get another ultrasound at the beginning of my third trimester to make sure that it has moved up. My doctor said that it's really rare that it doesn't move up in time to deliver.


mjvdec01 - January 22

With my first pregnancy I had a low placenta at 19 weeks. It migrated like was expected and I had no problems.


cors1wfe - January 22

I had the same - it did move up by 22 weeks - I had spotting just about every day up until it moved - I was on pelvic rest (no s_x) for the first couple of weeks - most of them clear up and if they don't usually the worse case scenario is c-section


kate_ - January 23

hey sam76, i began bleeding at 17 weeks and went to the ER to find that the baby was fine and it was a low-lying placenta. i was put on pelvic rest at that time. at 20 weeks i had a scan, which revealed that my placenta is still low and partially covering my cervix. the midwife continued my pelvic rest. i am currently 25 weeks and scheduled for a scan at 28 weeks. if the placenta hasn't moved up, i will have another scan at 34 weeks, and then a final one at 36 weeks. if it has not moved up, which is looking more likely, i will need a c-section. i'm not too thrilled about the idea of a c-section, but if i need one, i would rather know beforehand so that i can prepare. i wish you luck, and chances are that it will move up and you'll be fine to deliver v____ally.



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