Low Placenta

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JolieLucker - March 6

so im 21wks now and i had my last u/s(at 16wks) a little over a month ago..and had my most recent ob apt last week... my ob told me that in my 16wk u/s my placenta was low..the reason could have been because we did the screening (spineabefia(spell?) screening) for this in my u/s too early..? i don't know.. she didnt really go into detail? and i dont want to reseach this over yahoo and freak myself out.. should i be worried.. ? has this happened to anyone else before that can give me some insight.. i'd rather hear it from you ladies then horror stories on yahoo or google? thanks.


JulieK - March 6

Hi there. Yes I can help with this one. I had this in my first pregnancy, its called marginal placenta previa. They noticed it on my 20 week ultrasound. The good news is that 95% of these self correct by week 34, and this was the case for me too. As your uterus expands, the placenta will likely move up and away from your cervix. However, in some rarer cases it doesn't, and a c-section is necessary. I wouldn't worry too much, it is just a wait and see sort of thing. Did your doctor put any restrictions on you? Mine was covering the cervix enough that she restricted my exercising to walks only, no heavy lifting (over 15 pounds), and no s_x. As I said, there is a really good chance that this will just go away.


kimberly - March 6

I also had this with my first. It corrected itself by the 25th week. I had no other problems for the rest of the pregnancy. It is just something they want to monitor and make sure it self corrects.


JolieLucker - March 6

thank you girls so much! And Julie no she really didn't say much about it at all, so no.. no restrictions.. my next u/s is on the 30th of this month (ill be 24.5 wks)... so i guess we will see =] thanks again <3


taraleej - March 6

I also had a low plancenta with my first..and my doctor just gave me frequent ultrasounds..it was low right up untill birth..but its common and you should be just fine dont worry at all...expecially if your doctor isnt worrying



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