Low Placenta Lining

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Ginger - June 20

Hi, I had my medical review few days ago and my gynae told me that my placenta lining is low. I don't know what she meant but she said usually it will move up later. So i didn't ask further. I am turning 20 weeks in few days time. Anyone has experience this before ?? Is there a danger to it if the lining is still low ?? Thanks.


Kim - June 20

I am almost 22 weeks and I was told today that mine has just started to move away from the cervix. I understand that it's fairly common for it to start low and move up later. I don't think that there is much danger at this point but if it does not move, that may mean you will need to have a c-section when it comes to your delivery.


belle - June 21

I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta at my 20 week ultrasound and they told me it is nothing to worry about now and they will check me again at 30 weeks to see if it has moved away from my cervix. They told me that around 15 to 20 % of second trimester u/s show this and only 5% don't fix themselves. Good luck to you both!


tara - June 21

At my 20 week u/s they tolled me the same thing and at 30 weeks I was tolled everything is fine. As your uterus grows the plecenta moves up as well. Only 5% of them don't move up and only 2% will be covering the cervix. If the cervix is covered at 30-32 weeks then they will consider a c-section. There is no danger to you or the baby with a low placenta it's just that if the birth ca___l is covered then a v____al birth is not an option. Hope this helps


Heidi - June 21

My doc just called me at work and said my ultrasound was normal but want another one done at 32 weeks because my placenta is low but just the tip is covering the cervix and not to worry about it but they'll check in another 10 wks to make sure. She said worse case is I'd need a C-Section if it doesn't move out of the way but she said it normally does.


Carolyn - June 21

Thanks Ginger for posting this question. I was told this morning that I had a low lying placenta by my ob/gyn and went scrambling through my pregnancy books to figure what it meant. The repsonses posted here have rea__sured me not to panic or get anxious about it. Let's both take a deep breath and tell ourselves not to worry. Good luck!


Jodie - June 21

i too have a low lying placenta and went into a complete panic when i found out, a few weeks later i saw the hospital dr and she told me not to worry as mine was 3.5cm away from the cervix and they would check the baby towards the end of my pregnancy, if it feels like hes not moving down they'll do another ultrasound then to see if its moved out of the way


Ginger - June 21

Thank you all for your contribution. At least it a__sures me that it is a common prob for some pregnancy, so let's hope everything is fine later..


Donna - June 29

I am 21 weeks and have just been told the same thing. Good to hear some positive facts from people, thanks. It helps a lot.


MrsShabby - July 3

Hi, all. I am 19w1d and my doc said the same thing when I had my ultrasound on Thursday. He didn't seem too worried, but as you all know, WE worry. I looked it up on Web MD and got some good info, as well as a good diagram of what is going on. The link is: http://my.webmd.com/hw/being_pregnant/hw180819.asp (Make sure to remove all dashes.)


dani - July 16

Hi, I just went in for my first ultrasound at 16 weeks, and my dr found that I also had a low lying placenta. It worried me a lot, but the dr rea__sured me that it's something I shouldn't worry about now. She also said it's way too early in my pregnancy to determine anything. This thread has rea__sured me completely, thanks ladies!!!!


gr - July 18

i had that at 15 weeks (complete cervix coverage) and by 20 weeks it had started to move up already..now at partial...it will probably move up but if not all that means is you would have to get a c section


Julie - July 18

Wow am I happy to have found this post! I am 26 weeks and have just had my second ultrasound. This one showed the placenta as low lying. I have been told to refrain from lifting anything, and no s_xual intercourse, and that I will be going for a third ultrasound a little later in the pregnancy. I was wreck when I got this news, despite the doctor's a__surance not to worry. Reading that I am not alone in this has helped tremendously.


chene - July 26

Oh my gosh! I too was just told that I had lying placenta and of course I went into a panick attack---- but by reading this I feel so much better. Thanks for asking the question.


TCM - July 26

Hi. Same as many here I have just been told that my placenta is a little low (19 wks), they will check again at 32 or 34 weeks and there is over 90% chance it will have moved. Doesn't affect the pregnancy, or baby, but may mean a cesaerian if it hasn't moved (which is OK with me).



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