Low Thryoid Level

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ry - October 17

hi everyone! my doc office just called and said my thyroid levels were low and need to be retested in a couple of weeks. i am scaring myself now with the things i am researching asscoiated with this. Has anyone else had this with or without any complications? all info is much appreciated. Thanks!


MARIA - October 17

I have thyroid problems and all I know is they check my blood to keep an eye on it, you must take medication for life, and if you are pregnant you must take your meds or you will miscarry, but your doctor will be on top of it


Yas - October 17

I was diagnosed with low thyroid and must take .50 mcg of thyroid hormone for the rest of my life. It's a little white pill that must be taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. I am pregnant and must see my endocrinologist every two months to check my blood thyroid levels. This must be kept stable as it could cause intellectual impairment, even mental retardation, in an infant. But don't despair. This is a very easy condition to treat and thus be normal. And since your doctor caught it, your baby will be fine. And a funny rare thing, since I've been pregnant, my doctor has actually decreased my dosage!


ry - October 17

thanks so much for your input. i am scared too because i am already 15 1/2 weeks and not due to get more blood tests for another couple fo weeks-will it be too late by then? i keep reading you can have late misscarriages and your baby can be mentally retarded like you meantioned. Shouldnt I be starting treatment immediatley?


.............. - October 18



Yas - October 19

Hi ry -- Like myself, I suspect that Maria has low tyroid b/c of an autoimmune disease. During an early blood test, the endocrinologist found that my body formed thyroid antibodies, which is the body attacking my thyroid gland. Please, don't let this scare you as my disease is really the easiest disease to manage! Now, your condition is probably just temporary resulting from pregnancy and this is why the doc wants to wait for a few weeks -- the levels do fluctuate. Your chances of miscarriage have already decreased by 50% b/c you've entered your 2nd trimester -- congrats! When you did this blood test, your doc found lower than normal thyroid hormone as opposed to antibodies, like me. So waiting for a few weeks is OK -- you could stabilize! Or at least, matters will not be worse in just a short time. But I understand your concerns. Why not talk to the doc sooner to get clarification?


Melissa - October 19

I'm at thirteen weeks and my doctor told me the same thing. They started me and a low dose pill and my doc said that hopefully that should fix the problem.



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