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Jenny - August 17

I feel a pain in the lower abdomen, upper pelvic area when I walk, this just happens today and it at the lower right middle section


Maureen - June 14

Hi Jenny, I don't know what that is but I felt a braxton hicks contraction for the first time almost starting my sixth month soon. I knew it was braxton hicks as I looked it up in the what to expect when you are expecting book. also my girlfriend helped me figure it out as well. it is normal to have a contraction every once in a while at this stage, but it is not supposed to hurt but one time it did after I ate too much. Hope this helps you if any.


Stephanie - July 2

Jenny, I am not yet in my second trimester, but just a few weeks into my pregnancy. I am having the same pains. My sister who has already had children has told me that this has something to do with tendons or ligaments around your uterus, they are becoming more flexible, or something along those lines. I feel the pain sometimes when I stretch, or get up to walk from sitting, or getting down from something, like out of a pick up truck or something like that. I'm a bit concerned that these pains have started so early for me, this is my second pregnancy, my first was ended by miscarriage in the 9th week this past March. Hope all goes well for you. take care


Gina - August 14

Hey, I get those same pains. It only happens when Im walking, or doing something other than sitting or laying. My doctor told me it was round ligament. Basically, just growing and moving and stretching of everything. If it happens frequently, you should drink more water.


deborah - August 17

I am in my first 5 weeks. I feel an abdomen pain and pain in my sides and also lower back pain. Should I be concerned??


Janakia - September 22

I have this same pain I don't know what it comes from it also shoots pain to my rectom


Stacey - September 26

I am on the web because I've also had these pains and I was concerned. I'm nearly 5 months now. I'm pretty sure after reading, it's the round ligament thing! Thank goodness. By the way- none of the sites mentioned the rectum pain as Janakia did here, but I have also experienced that. I think I'm going to call my ob tomorrow (Monday).


mistey - November 3

i get thes pains low down on ether side of my belly im currently preg with 4th baby and am 18wks i cant remember getting these with other pregnancies. they really hurt when i get up fast from a sitting position.hope this helps i just be careful when i get up now


mistey - November 3

yes ive been told its ligament pain


Arlene - November 7

I just felt it last night, just under my belly..feeling like having a menstrual period, i was so worried that it may lead to miscarriage but when i got up in the morning, it was gone. I guess a nice rest and sleep will help to ease it.


Arlene - November 7

By the way, im on my 24th week now and hopefully having pain on my lower tummy wont affect me to having early labor.


Dusty - November 18

Hi. This is a helpful sight. I am only few weeks into pregnancy. And, I feel my stomach wavering; like a twitching sensation in my left side. What could that be and the same lower pains in the abdomen.?


Shelly - November 19

Hi Jenny, like most of the other women have said it's either round ligament or sometimes you're doing too much lifting and you don't realize it. I am 5 months and I get it often, and all I do is just sit down for a bit or I ma__sage the area. Both work well! Good luck and thanks for making us realize we aren't the only ones with this pain! :)


Cynthia - November 30

What is can be is one of your ovaries. You must need to see a doctor about it and he or she will recommend you an exercise for the pain.


bry - November 30

sometimes if you move wrong or do a lot of lifting you can pull ligaments, I had a lot of pain on night and all day and called my doctor and got in to see her and she did an ultrasound and saw nothing wrong said I probably pulled a ligament. It could also be something with your pooper, or bowels.


Nikki - December 26

This could be nerve pain from the way the baby is lying in there or it could be ligament pain from all the stretching going on. Braxton-Hicks is not just pain, but also a tightening sensation, a little like contractions, but not real ones.


donna - January 19

i feel the same pain in my lower abdomen. sometimes its concentrated towards one side. My doctor said it could be due to bowl movements.. but it is very discomforting at times...



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